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The Future of Automation – Is Your Job Next?


While in the past professionals were scared of being replaced with someone more knowledgeable and skillful, today they are scared of being replaced by robots. Despite the fact that some people believe this fear is unreasonable, the advancements of artificial intelligence are already turning the concept of automation into reality. 

Statistics have shown that 34% of industrial robots sold by 2025 will be able to work alongside humans, and by 2030, around 20 million manufacturing jobs will be lost to automation. In this article, you will find out which are the top 10 jobs that will vanish due to automation and whether your job is n

1. Proofreaders

If you are a proofreader, you might start thinking about a career switch. Software like Grammarly, the Hemingway App, Ginger, etc. are already taking over the role of proofreaders. With just a few clicks, writers are now able to spot and edit their own errors – leaving proofreaders out of the game. 

The scariest thing about these types of software is that they are already quite good, so just imagine how much they can improve with time! 

2. Telemarketers

According to Chron, telemarketing has a conversion rate lower than 10%, making this career a perfect target for automation and artificial intelligence. Additionally, telemarketing is super easy to replace with automation. This is because, unlike sales representatives, telemarketers don’t need to possess high emotional and social intelligence skills. 

Therefore, there is a 92% chance that telemarketers would be replaced with robots in the next two decades.

3. Auditors

Auditing, like many other jobs, has changed tremendously in the last 50 years, and the one to “blame” is artificial intelligence. Back in the 1970s, two auditors used to work together in a team to validate the posting of entries from the general journal to the general ledger. They were doing their job using the “holler and tick.”  

Of course, nowadays, things are way different. Auditors now use different technology tools that not only make their job significantly easier but are also very easy to navigate. 

However, those types of artificial intelligence-based tools are expected to advance much more in the future and offer real-time transaction analysis, risk evaluation, and data validation. This means that many auditors will lose their jobs and be replaced by robots. 

4. Receptionists

While many people can’t even wrap around their heads the idea that front desk reception can be automated, it is actually one of the main targets of automation. By using a visitor management system, large and small businesses can increase the efficiency of their front desk staff. 

However, as good as this seems, it also means that they no longer will need as many front desk receptionists as they need now or back in the day. Therefore, if this is your job, then you might be the next victim of automation. 

5. Couriers 

Couriers are yet another victim on the list. However, before panicking and immediately thinking about pursuing a totally different career path, think about how you can survive in this one.  Couriers and delivery staff will be replaced by drones and robots, but the industry will still need people to operate them.

6. Local TV Advertisers 

Are you surprised about this one? Probably no. With the development of digital marketing and automated programmatic advertising, local TV channels will soon be left out of the game when it comes to advertising. 

To be honest, they are already being replaced with digital ads on Netflix, YouTube, and social media networks. Digital ads offer businesses an opportunity for advertising that is way more affordable and more targeted toward specific target groups.

7. Drivers

Another career that is at risk to be lost to automation is driving. To those not familiar, Google, Tesla, and other companies are already working on designing automated or self-driving cars. According to them, this will increase safety on the roads and help people reduce the time spent on commutes. 

Interestingly, despite the fact that some industry leaders in 2016 predicted that 2020 would be the year of self-driving cars, it seems like the time hasn’t come yet. However, even though your job is safe for now, it is only a matter of time when self-driving cars will be an everyday thing.

8. Store Clerks 

Store clerks are losing jobs because many shops are already turning online. However, this doesn’t seem to be the biggest threat to them as there is still a huge amount of physical shops all around the world.

What seems to be killing this job position are self-service machines that are already reducing the need for checkout clerks. The same things happen with bank tellers who are being reduced due to ATMs and virtual assistants that are available 24/7.

9. Factory Workers

One of the industries that will definitely suffer the most due to automation is the manufacturing industry. With the advancements of artificial intelligence, factory workers will soon be replaced with robots. 

A great example of this is Foxconn, the manufacturer of Xbox and iPhone. Back in 2016, this company replaced 60,000 of their workers with robots. The good thing is that you can still remain within this industry if you decide to learn how to repair the robots or get to be their supervisor. 


It might sound scary how many job positions will be lost to artificial intelligence and automation. It might sound even scarier if your job is next, right? However, before you start thinking that the world has come to an end and humans would be replaced by robots, remember that the automation itself was created by humans. 

Thus, automation might destroy many job positions we know now, but it will also open many more that we can’t even imagine at the moment. 


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