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The Dos and Don’ts of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing is yet another name for digital marketing, which has become the norm of advertising today. Promoting your product or service on the internet is much more cost-effective than relying on traditional methods. Digital marketing trends are ever-changing, which is why strategies that worked ten years ago might not be useful anymore. If you want your business to flourish and expand, internet marketing helps, but only if you do it right.

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to get you on the track to success:

1.    Do define and embrace your Brand

It is important to realize and outline your brand before you start planning marketing campaigns. Your brand needs to be perceived as an individual, which requires consistency in actions. For example, if your company is all about green fashion, you cannot go ahead and promote plastic products. Remaining true to your brand is the key, unless you want to don the face of a hypocrite. If your brand image looks haphazard and confusing, it becomes forgetful and insignificant.

2.    Don’t neglect web presence

Every business requires a web presence to be noticed; hence, whether you own a small café or sizable criminal law firm, a fully functional website is a must. Many businesses get a website made, but then forget that it needs updates and maintenance as well. A sluggish website with several broken links and outdated content is not marketable.

3.    Do create quality content

Rather than posting random infinite content, stick to limited and relevant content. Quantity means nothing if the content is void of quality. If you want to retain an existing audience and bring in more traffic, concentrate on publishing content that is informative, useful, and SEO optimized. Superfluous content will lower your website’s credibility and trust points.

4.    Don’t spam

Over-doing content marketing and advertising is bad. People do not appreciate when too much promotional content is forced their way. Marketing your products or services through multiple channels on the internet is recommended, as long as the frequency is controlled. For instance, if you send a dozen promotional emails daily, the recipient is likely to report you as spam.

5.    Do identify your audience

Navigating your internet marketing campaigns in the right direction is impossible if you don’t know your audience. Do your research instead of making baseless assumptions about your target audience. Communicate with existing customers and followers to gain some clarity, and create digital content/ads accordingly.

6.    Don’t DIY everything

If you don’t know the ABCs of internet marketing, you should seek services of a reputable digital marketing agency. You should stick to what you are good at and focus on running your business. If you try to do everything yourself, the workload and pressure of it will crumble you. You won’t be able to do justice to any of your duties, and you’ll probably make costly mistakes.

7.    Do acknowledge competition

Entrepreneurs who don’t pay attention to their competitors are destined to fail. If you want internet marketing to pay off, you have to stay one step ahead your competition. You should observe what your competitors are doing and use this info for inspiration and guidance. If a strategy is working for them, beat them with something more innovative.

8.    Don’t underestimate Social Media

Businesses that make the mistake of underrating social media miss out on excellent opportunities of exposure. Social media is where the public lives and breathes, which is why it is the leading platform for internet marketing. Posting on social media sites is great for brand awareness and humanization. It lets you interact with your target audience on a personal level and earn their trust.

9.    Do accommodate mobile users

At least three quarters of consumers directed to an online site are using mobile devices. Internet users prefer businesses that are easily accessible through their smartphones and other portable gadgets; even better if you have a mobile application. If your website is not optimized to adapt to different screen sizes, you will readily lose potential customers.

10.   Don’t be impatient

Internet marketing generates results a lot faster than traditional marketing techniques, though you still need to give it time. Many people expect miracles overnight, and get frustrated when that does not happen; they then resort to ridiculous shortcuts that are no good for market reputation. Keep up the good work and exercise patience to be victorious.

Author Bio:

John Adam’s blogging expertise lies in the fields of marketing and technology. He also loves travelling and sharing personal life experiences. John encourages readers to solve their problems the smart way, rather than the hard way.


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