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The Daily Tasks of a Computer Technician


The vast amounts of computer technology we use each day can require a computer tech, someone who will handle maintenance and repairs. The computer technician’s job involves many essential functions that help numerous people and businesses globally. If you’re considering a role as a computer technician, it will help if you first understand the responsibilities you can expect while on the job.

Managing Software

It’s not always easy to download and update software, as certain things may go wrong in the process. A computer technician’s job involves working with the computer’s inner workings, including its coding and software. A computer tech may need to upload new software or eliminate old programming to ensure the computer functions to the best of its ability. They will also maintain the software if it requires monitoring to ensure it doesn’t cease functioning when users need it most.

Handling Computer Hardware

Computers have numerous connections for cables and other devices that allow them to function. Computer technicians will have daily tasks of setting up hardware for a computer system and ensuring any connected devices function properly. This hardware will include devices for audio and visual effects or connection to a network. The latter task is why a computer tech needs to know how to identify types of Ethernet cables, as people will rely on their knowledge when setting up a network.

Troubleshoot and Repair

A large part of a computer technician’s job involves knowledge of how devices work and how manufacturers build them. This knowledge will be helpful if a piece of technology suddenly breaks or malfunctions. Troubleshooting and repair are computer technicians’ most common daily tasks. The tech will need to identify and solve the problem as soon as possible, especially in a setting where operations depend on working computers.

The work of a computer technician is challenging due to the information one must have to perform their job to the best of their ability. But when you know what to expect in your future occupation, gaining that knowledge will feel far more manageable and motivating.


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