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5 Uses of Technology in Making Education More Engaging


Technology is a powerful thing! Capable of revolutionizing every sphere of life just the way it is doing right now. When used correctly, technology can offer more good than detrimental sides of it. In fact, technology is somehow or somewhat offering hope in many of the world’s global problems such as global warming, and medical challenges and is certainly becoming a way of life.

When it comes to the education sector, you may wonder how technology is impacting learning and teaching besides supporting online classes and lesson plans. Or, you may wonder whether introducing technology to a classroom may be largely beneficial. The fact is technology is beneficial in many ways and it has also proven to have a positive impact on student engagement. In this blog, we are going to look at how technology is making education more engaging and enticing at all levels.

The Correlation between Learning & Engagement

Engagement is everything! Want to keep students aligned with the lesson, happy, and willing to go the extra mile? Foster student engagement. Classroom engagement refers to the degree to which students are interested, curious, and passionate about what is being taught. It should be noted that engagement goes beyond participation. Not all participating students are engaged in the lesson.

But engaged students are more likely to participate in classroom activities. Student engagement is key to active learning, digesting material, memory, and retention. 92% of teachers agree that engagement is key to academic success, yet student engagement was highly impacted by the 2020 pandemic. To substantiate, another report indicated that only 46% of students said that they were engaged at school in 2021.

Engagement is very crucial because it motivates students to learn, and also increases focus and attention span. It also drives students to sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. So, how can technology help you as a teacher to foster classroom engagement?

5 Incredible Uses of Technology in Making Education More Engaging 

1. Offers Immersive Learning Environment

Education today is greatly evolving, thanks to technological advancements that are paving way for remarkable possibilities like combined learning methodologies. Unlike traditional instructional approaches, modern learning and teaching pathways are crystal clear catalysts to superior engagement, creativity, and academic achievement.

Technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) and other mediums like STEM learning apps are the future because of the meaningful learning experiences they cultivate. With AI, teachers can offer personalized learning experiences that help to close learning gaps between students. VR on the other hand facilitates deeper learning and virtual field tours that were once impossible.

In this way, students are made to anticipate the next learning experience, hence increasing classroom engagement. At a teacher or a college, you may not have the funds to introduce top-notch technologies like VR and gamification on a large scale, but starting small is the way forward. Integrating technologies like AI, online grading, and blended learning in a classroom can up student engagement.

2. Offers an All-Inclusive Learning Environment

It is widely known that traditional pedagogical approaches largely focused on an average student. Students who were above or below the average learner could feel left out or relatively unsupported in their learning journeys. A similar story goes on for students with disabilities. These are learners who require special attention in order to comprehend material or stay focused.

However, technology is providing an all-inclusive learning environment for students, even those with learning disabilities. Assistive technology like web apps, video conferencing tools computers, laptops, and virtual assistants are providing a leveled learning ground. These technologies are designed to support different learning needs for example  low vision, hearing difficulties, or cognitive disabilities like dyslexia. 

Additionally, solutions like visual material, infographics, and captions all work together to increase engagement in a classroom.

3. Gamification Enhances Creativity

Another way technology is making education more engaging is through gamification. Previously known to be an entertainment medium, gamification has also found its way into the educational landscape. Whether it’s K-12 education, college, or training institutes, gamification is positively impacting learning experiences.

Gamification is largely a way of learning that occurs through game mechanics. Students learn as though playing a game and normally, they attain points or earn badges. Game-based learning leverages gamification software, tools, and apps where students interactively engage with the learning material.

Statistics indicate that gamification has a wide application streaming from entertainment, and workplace to the education sphere. Gamifying lessons is associated with a range of benefits, for example, it fosters engagement, and increases motivation, and retention. Additionally, gamification has the power to enhance learners’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Also, it can be one of the ways to prevent schools from killing creativity in learners. Gamification in education is still in its inception, but it has shown the capability of upgrading learning experiences.

4. Offers Interactive Learning Experiences

This tech-savvy era is seeing an increase in interactive learning spaces. Students can longer depend on textbooks to study, however, they can collaborate with peers and engage in topic discussions. It is generally a hands-on learning approach that cultivates active learning. Interactive learning can be fostered in both online and offline learning settings.

There are many options teachers can consider to foster interactive learning and that can be with the use of virtual classroom tools like Edmodo or Google Classroom. Also, technologies like VR allow students to enter digital environments where they can interact with the objects in that environment. Besides that, tools like computers, apps, and videos can cater to interactive learning experiences. Therefore, teachers can encourage students to develop computer skills in order to attain the required flexibility and adaptability.

5. Offers Quick Access to Information

Technology in the education realm is enabling learners to have quick access to better and more relevant information. Besides that, it is providing a platform for better exposure. Students and instructors can extend their reach by using online information, available in the form of videos, text, and audio. The high-quality learning material also helps students to attain a 360 degree of the concepts taught in class. Also, this caters to personalized learning.

Summing It Up

Engagement is a cornerstone of learning. With an attentive mind, active learning occurs and this increases concept dissection and comprehension. Today, technology is revolutionizing every sphere of life. In the education field, technology is becoming a key driver for meaningful experiences. It is not only helping teachers foster engagement, but it is also bringing in new learning styles that are making education more impactful. It should be noted that engagement is key to academic success since it increases knowledge retention.  

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