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The Best Jobs for People Who Like To Tinker


Do you like to tinker? Do you get bored at desk jobs? People who love to work with their hands often feel far more productive when they actually create something tangible that they can show people. Thankfully, the best jobs for people who like to tinker are out there if you know where to look.


Carpenters are the unsung heroes of so many of the daily comforts we take for granted. They build doors, furniture, walls, and even our houses. Carpenters are able to take the wood and other supplies and turn them into something so much more. With the housing market as tight as it is, this is a career that is in high demand as people seek to build instead of buying existing properties.

Chef or Baker

If you find enjoyment in feeding people and getting instant feedback, you may love being a chef or a baker. Being able to create a wide variety of foods and seeing people come in just to get a bite can be incredibly satisfying. Every dish is a canvas for the chef or baker, and spending time perfecting a recipe can be just the kind of tinkering you need.


If your favorite kind of tinkering involves home repair or gadgets needing fixing, you may love life as an electrician. An apprenticeship can provide you with all the skills you’ll need to install, repair, and maintain power systems.


Locksmiths are important people that we often forget until we need them. A locksmith is capable of working with keys and locks, ranging from replacing locks, duplicating keys, or even breaking locks when you can’t get back inside. If you like to tinker, spending time picking a lock for someone locked out of their home or car can be incredibly satisfying when you finally hear the little click.


Mechanics do a wide range of repairs, from oil changes to attempting to diagnose and repair major issues. They keep their hands constantly busy as they assemble and disassemble parts of a vehicle to repair them. This typically requires certification and sometimes even technical schooling, but it can be incredibly satisfying for the tinkerer who doesn’t mind getting a little bit greasy at the end of the day.


Among the best jobs for people who like to tinker is welding. Welders are capable of constructing great things out of metal and torches, repairing metal objects with ease. Sometimes, they even have to work underwater on oil pipelines. This career often requires training but can be one of the most exciting options for those who love to work with their hands.

Whatever your passions are, this list showcases some of the best jobs for people who like to tinker, so you can potentially find what you’re best at and go for it on your own.


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