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Skill Up with Online Poker Free Games and Win Real Money for FREE!


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The lockdown has got each one of us exploring numerous skills to keep spirits high and running. It’s also a great way to tick those neurons and relieve ourselves from the mundaneness of the daily cycle of routine. Online games like poker have been a great source of mirth and competition allowing us to spread our wings of knowledge and develop some interesting set of skills.

Let’s take out just a few minutes from our quarantine lives to learn the basics of this skill game and open our minds to a window full of opportunities. With the steep rise of real money and free online poker games across gaming portals in India, learning this skill game can yield higher returns in the near future.

Online Poker Games: What You Need to Know4e

The skill game verse of India has become highly lucrative as online game apps in India continue to multiply and introduce poker to nationwide community of players. The rivalry element with real time players and latching them with real money prizes and hi-end rewards have further pushed online poker games to the forefront of online gaming in India.

Poker games and tournaments have been wildly popular in the west for decades and now other regions of the globe as well, however, online poker has been a young turk in the skill gaming landscape of India by quickly spreading awareness about this fascinating card game by perforating them into the clutch of our fingers through the inevitable nifty network of smartphones.

To play poker, besides learning the game rules, players need to apply these following skills in order to be a successful player- Mathematics, Strategic Analysis, Reverse Psychology, Logical Reasoning and Decision Making.

These skills can be developed over time as you progress in your game and move up from free online poker games to real money games. Thankfully, there’s plenty of material available on the internet these days to help build your game and work on game theory without spending a penny.

So for starters, today we will talk about two basic things to help you get started with free online poker games. Firstly, basic game rules for the most popular variant of poker, aka No Limit Texas Hold’em!

Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

  • Texas Hold’em Poker is typically played between 2-8 players in which a dealer deals two hole cards (face down) to each player on the table. The dealer’s position rotates clockwise after each round.
  • Each betting round begins with a forced ante called the Big Blind (BB) and the Small Blind (SB). The BB and SB are always the players sitting on the immediate left of the Dealer.
  • The BB is usually twice the amount of the SB. So, once the blinds are placed, only then betting by other players begin.
  • All players now have the option to “Call”, “Check” or “Raise” the BB. ‘Call’ means matching the previous bet, Check means to pass the bet and the third option lets you raise the bet to any amount you want.
  • When the pre-flop round is over, the next round begins the same way with a BB and SB placed right away. However, on the 2nd round, the Dealer reveals 3 community cards (also called the flop) face up on the table.
  • Now, all players need to make valid combinations using their two hole cards and three community cards laid face up on the table.
  • On the 3rd and 4th round, two more cards, “the Turn” and “the River” are revealed.
  • The player with the highest poker hands wins the pot.

Poker Hand Rankings

Here is a list of the complete hand rankings from the highest to the lowest order.

Hand Rankings Example
Royal Flush ( AKQJ10) of the same suitAh,Kh,Qh,Jh,10h
Straight Flush (serial numbers of same suit)10c,9c,8c,7c,6c
Four of a Kind (4 numbers of same rank)7h,7c,7d,7s
Flush ( 5 cards of same colour/suit)10c,5c,7c,Jc,Kc
Full House (4 nos of same rank & 3 nos of same rank paired together)9h,9d,9s,6h,6d,6c
Straight ( 5 serial numbered cards of any suit)Qs,Jd,10c,9d,8h
Three of a kind ( 3 cards of same rank)10c,10s,10d
Two Pairs7c,7d,Kc,Ks
One PairKc,Kd
High card ( Highest ranked card in a combination)A,K,10,7,9,(A is the high card)

That’s all the info you need to know to begin playing free online poke games today. The next step forward is to find some amazing freeroll games for you wherein you can enjoy double returns. It’s time to none your skills and win real money prizes for FREE! And, we have the ideal portal that fits the frame.

PokerBaazi (PB): Play Free Online Poker Games and Win Real Money!

A trending online poker portal famous for hosting for excellent free online poker games and monster guarantee real money tournaments streamlined together for poker players of all stakes and skillset, PokerBaazi is one of your best places to kick-start your poker journey this lockdown. You can test run a few online poker games with no app download, but instead clicking on Instant Play option immediately.

Without wasting moments, let’s take you to the list of free online poker games you can explore on this portal right away.

Free Entry tournaments worth 25LAC (FETs)

Yes, you read that right. Free Entry tournaments are the key highlight for new poker players who are looking to get the lay of the land for free and also win real money at the same time! FETS promise great redeemable returns by respecting your plain interest in poker for free.

Highlights of PokerBaazi Free Entry Tournaments

  • They are free tournaments hosted live every 30 minutes all day long till 1:30am.
  • Top performers stand to win Leaderboard Prizes worth 25LACs in the form of Real Cash Bonus (RCB) throughout the month
  • Players can use these RCBs to level up and play unlimited cash games on PokerBaazi for buy-ins as low as INR 10.
  • FETs serve as the ideal platform to play free online poker games, hone your skills during your own time by making quick decisions in real time and level up your game for free!
  • Leaderboard rewards lets you track your performance in real time.

As you improve your skills, you can move on to play cash games and low stakes tournaments on PokerBaazi for buy-ins as low as INR 15 and start your real money poker journey in no time!

So, there you go, you learned a highly skilled game in just 6 minutes today. It’s time to apply your knowledge on the felts of the best online poker games and be a proud member of the rising Indian poker circuit.

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