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Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Android Smartphone


Without realizing it, our Android smartphones can become cluttered with photos, texts, and apps that we never use or look at. You might have voicemails that are over a year old, apps you never touch, or countless accidental screenshots of your lock screen. Too much clutter makes navigating our phones to reach the things we need difficult, and it can even slow down the device.

If you don’t declutter your Android smartphone regularly, you likely have tons of miscellaneous things on it that you don’t need anymore. Next time you clean up your device, consider our simple tips to make this process more manageable.

Go Through Your Contacts

Do you really need your old boss’s phone number? What about the number for your blind date that didn’t go according to plan? Go through your contacts and delete any numbers you no longer need or use. Keep the info for people you contact frequently and other important numbers, but delete the ones that are unnecessary!

Clean Up Your Pictures

Take a look at the number of photos you have on your phone. More than likely, you have duplicates of the same picture. Every time you take photos, browse through the ones you took and delete the bad ones to help declutter your Android smartphone immediately. Otherwise, go through your camera roll once a month and delete any accidental screenshots or random photos.

Delete Voicemails

You might not think voicemails take up space on your smartphone, but they do. Deleting old voicemails can help clear up storage space for other apps, songs, photos, and more. However, you may want to keep some voicemails for sentimental or business purposes. That’s fine, but you don’t need to save your partner’s voicemail telling you to pick up dinner on the way home from work.

Delete Unused Apps and Organize Others

Did you once download the Spirit app only to cancel your flight with them? We all download apps occasionally, thinking we will get around to using them eventually. In reality, we forget about them, and they sit on our phones, taking up storage space. Delete the apps you have no use for, and organize the ones you do have to help declutter your device.

Customize Your Notifications

You don’t need notifications for every app you have on your phone. Door Dash doesn’t need to remind you that it’s national pizza day, and your gaming apps don’t need to remind you to play the game, either. However, having email, text, social media, and banking notifications might be necessary. Go to your settings and turn off notifications for specific apps to help declutter your phone and keep distractions to a minimum.

Do Not Use Fake Device Clean-Up Apps

One mistake you should avoid when using an Android is downloading and utilizing fake clean-up applications. These apps are likely not providing you with any help. Instead, stick to the advice in this article to manually declutter your smartphone. You will end up deleting more unnecessary information yourself than the clean-up apps would anyway.


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