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Personalize Your Site to Augment Conversion and Traffic


Find out the power of personalization on your e-commerce website today.

Summary: Find out the power of personalization on your e-commerce website today.

E-commerce websites all revolve around the ability for unique personalization. Most experts have agreed this is one important constituent of online success. Successful tests have depicted that with proper personalization it could amplify your sales by about 20%. The technique still has an effect on the customer experience when browsing your site. By doing organized personalization, customers tend to easily find the products they need or similar products through your suggestions. Since SEO could be such a roller coaster ride, why not find top marketing companies in Phoenix to help you do things right. Discussed are some ways that personalization techniques could be of great value to your site.

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Understanding Personalization

Most search engines have allowed the concentration on each individual customer buying pattern and also all your customers at once. The algorithms allow you to predict a line of products depending on what consumer choice and products the search engine user has shown earlier. Through this, customers could easily finish their shopping in a minute and await their shipping. Personalization has caused over 40% of unintended purchases to happen because of overwhelming or tempting marketing techniques to lure the consumer. Personalization can either be in the form of:

  • Using notifications
  • Use of banners
  • Product recommendations and more

You can hire top marketing companies in Phoenix to assist you with this personalization process.

Using Notifications

Statistics have shown that online shoppers are motivated by discounts besides their fears of missing out on a great purchase. By checking their previously viewed items or items on the cart, you can predict other similar products that they may need. You then present these suggestions to them in the form of sales alerts blended in their browsers which ultimately creates the urgency to make a purchase without being too outgoing with advertisements. With this strategy, you can never go too wrong through addition of countdown timer on the deals and discounts being offered. What a way to create urgency and inspire unintended purchases.

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Make Use of Banners

Did you know that every individual’s browsing history could be used in formulating very convincing banners? By taking this route, you prioritize your consumer needs by studying their habits and creating banners to make their shopping experience seamless. Changing the banner can be a little hectic for every buyer even though there are certain tools that search engines present to help you with this. Banners can furthermore be devised based on the type of device being used, the geographical location of buyers and finally the season of the year.

Product Recommendations

Just like most of the above techniques, this tested procedure is proven to give results. Here it is proven that for every product bought online, there are other similar or substitute goods that must have been seen by the browser. One fun fact though is that most related items can be very efficient for those that need to upsell and cross-sale. Depending on the product description given by the customer, similar products could be added to your web page. You should also add the recently viewed products on a browser’s shopping page for them to pick up where they left. This makes your shopping much easier as you find the things you need and other similar suggestions of things you may need later.

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Drive More Traffic To Your Site

SEO for your eCommerce website is among the top ways of attracting organic traffic to your website. The strategy helps you as a business get the attention you deserve from the new traffic and rank highly for all organic results related to your niche. Remember more traffic can help update your email listing where you could meet your prospective clients to work with and generate more profit and income for your business.

Make Your Site Trustable and Credible

The care most search engines have for their users is what drives them to ascertain which sites to be credible and healthy to display to their be highly ranked your site has to be credible and of importance to the search engine user. You should get your links from authoritative sites and bloggers directing them to more content on your site. Optimizing is also very relevant during this course but it may not be an overnight success. To get better rankings, take your time and ultimately your search engine will reward your efforts.

Improved UX

Many websites revolve around the satisfaction of this important requirement by search engines. What does the search engine user think about your website when browsing? Factors like responsiveness, appearances, and themes play a huge role in determining the user experience search engine users get from using your site. To perk up work on minor factors like page responsiveness, page speed and quality of supportive media. Inbound links can also play an important role in helping easier navigation of pages on your website. The happier the customer is when making purchases from your site, the better the reviews and ultimately the better the rankings on different engines.


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