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Online Reviews Have Great Impact on Customer Behaviour: Check How?


Before making the purchase present-day customers are more likely to check the reviews placed by shoppers. They explore online reviews to know what is good and bad about individual brand products or services. They go through each and every detail like what problems customers face with a business product or service, how a brand responded to issues of their prospective customers, whether a brand has updated their product or service after responding to complaints or not, and many other things. 

According to Fan & Fuel’s report, 97% of customers responded that reviews affect their buying decisions while 92% of consumers responded that they feel hesitant when there are no customer reviews on business websites or a solution like eventbrite. More than 94% of customers revealed that they read each and every review placed by other customers to know all about the company’s product or service. Hence there is nothing wrong if we say that online reviews influence the decision of customers to a great extent.

Effective Ways to Consider to Get More Positive Review Online

In one of the surveys, it was found that about 85% of consumers explore and trust online reviews just like personal recommendations from their friends. And also they go through it when they feel hesitant to try the new product or service for their daily use. Hence it becomes important for businesses to get more positive reviews from their prospective customers.

Positive online reviews not only improve the visibility of the brand but also helps them to leverage many other advantages which they haven’t imagined before. Businesses who want to gain positive reviews online need to make sure that they opt for effective ways which help them to make their customers happy and loyal to their brand. There are numerous ways that businesses can follow when it comes to collecting positive reviews from the customer, explore the listed below to know which are those which can help you grasp more positive reviews. 

Verified Listing

If you are aiming to get more reviews on the particular platform on which you are offering the service then you have to claim the listing. The business listing provides a quick map to your customers about the places from where they can gather information related to your business product or service.

Provide Amazing Things to Your Prospective Customers

Businesses who want people should share only good things about their business and the product have to make sure that they offer something unique to their prospective customers. If they succeed in providing something new to their prospective consumers then they will definitely talk about the business positively. They will share the word of mouth for their brand which ultimately acts as a marketing process that drives more customers towards their business.

Ask for Review

Give a little nudge to your customers by asking them to provide their valuable reviews about your business product or service. For example, if any of the individuals have purchased your business product for home use then you can ask them to share their experience with your brand product. Later make sure that you add those reviews and feedback on your website so that other customers can explore it when they visit your site for making the purchase. This will ensure your customers that you really care for them and want to provide them with the product or service which they are expecting to have from you.

Explore Review on Social Media Platform

The very first place where businesses can collect reviews about their business is social media platforms. This is an engaging platform where you will find most of your prospective customers. Some of your prospective customers might also have placed their valuable review on your business page which you might have noticed before. If they haven’t placed the review on your Facebook page then you can ask them to place comments or reviews on your Facebook page or any other social media page.

Add Review Button on Your Site

One of the efficient ways is to collect reviews on your business website is to add a review button on your site. Make sure that you add a review button on your business website, this will help you to generate numerous positive reviews for your business which will finally result in driving more customers and business sales.

Authenticate Reviewers

Reviewer authentication is one of the vital concerns which is more relevant to your business website. The testimonials placed on the websites sometimes lack authority because most of the sources from which most of the businesses collect their review are not organized systematically. Hence it becomes vital for businesses to use an automated reviews collector form which helps reviewers to collect and organize all the reviews automatically by connecting their social platform. 

Use Google My Business

Every individual entrepreneur needs to entitle themselves to a Google My Business account. They must make sure that they provide the right and updated information of their business on their business account. They can provide various information like company name, contact information, opening hours, and much more. This might help them to collect reviews from their prospective customers more accurately than ever before. The reviews which businesses collect will later appear in the SERPs.

Consider Using Local Site for Reviews

There are many local sites in which you can collect reviews from your prospective customers. The site enables consumers to leave their reviews for each and everything starting from cosmetics products to home appliances to clothes that they have shopped. Local site on which consumer can provide their reviews are:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Yell
  • Yelp
  • Houzz
  • Autotrader

This site helps businesses to collect their prospective consumers’ reviews based on numerous factors. They can collect reviews for specific locations like numerous business branches available on large chains or any other.

Ending Note

Online reviews play a primary role when it comes to attracting new customers as customer trust brands which have more positive reviews. Hence businesses must put their efforts into leveraging relationships with customers and their experience to get their valuable reviews online. And put those reviews on the platform which is more likely used by the customers to find your business service or product.

Author Bio:

Gaurav Kanabar, founder of Alphanso Tech. He has specialized in blog writing, article writing, and copyright on different topics like the latest music industry trends, PHP Ticket System Open source benefits, marketing tips, and many more. Besides that, Gaurav loves spending time with nature, reading novels, and playing snooker.

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