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A Quick Start Guide To Learning Performance Testing


Why do you need performance testing services? The answer lies in the fact that it helps offer only the best possible product to the end consumers. Performance testing is a crucial step to take before rolling out the app or website. Carrying this process correctly can make or break the situation. The performance testing services carry out several requisite tests to ensure that the final product stands out in productivity and reliability. If you are a starter or want to get into the job of performance testing, we suggest you read this quick guide till the end.

Reading is the key to gaining knowledge

Just like preparing for any other job, you got to equip yourself with knowledge before starting the performance testing. And, reading is the best tool to achieve this. You may find a lot to learn at performance testing services that offer blogs, learning brochures and manuals, and ‘how to’ guides. All these resources help you develop ease with theoretical aspects of performance testing.

The best way to gain understanding about performance testing is not to skip any page. This process is sequential in nature. Thus, missing on any page is the same as not acquainting yourself with any part of the performance test procedure. In a nutshell, thorough reading is a must.

Learn to keep track of time

Speed and accuracy are the two important qualities that performance testing services ascertain. Hence, you assign some time to each activity like page loading or checking out, or logging on to the application. Then, as a part of training to join load testing services, you compare the time taken with benchmarks set by you. This practice of keeping track of time need not be boring always. You can develop this knack by paying attention to regular activities happening around you. For example, how much time activities like drying clothes in a dryer takes place, how fast you reach your favorite eatery while driving at some chosen speed, and likewise.

Read about bottlenecks and errors

You can test for any service only when you know the stress points of the same. The load testing services train their experts on various grounds, including bottlenecks and the stress levels that the product can withstand. With the best solutions in hand, and as a beginner, you can do way better justice to the job and excel in it too. You can achieve this easily with the help of training manuals, workshops and online forums where experts’ advice is available to assist you.

Perform dummy tests as suggested

With the help of reading guides and bottlenecks, you arrive at a point when enough material is available with you to start performing the dummy tests. This helps a beginner to find the ground realities and what to expect at the job at performance testing services.Dummy tests can help learners in the following ways:

  1. They can learn about the testing tools being used
  2. The knowledge about how to apply various testing procedures helps
  3. Sometimes, they also get to know the newer technologies in vogue and stay abreast with the most current knowledge.
  4. They get access to firsthand account of how things will turn up at the real-life task handed to them.

Now it is time to journal!

If you think that all those things learned from doing activities above will stay etched in your memories, you are absolutely wrong. It is sure to put your brain at stress, and make your learning and application more difficult. The best solution for this is to journal every learning, process, concept and action or strategy that you applied as a learner of load testing services solutions.

Journaling allows you to have your own rule book and a readymade reference material. It is also essential for acquiring learning more sustainably. Hence, it is the final yet an ongoing step that you need to take to ensure that you are able to find answer to every possible use instance/ problem you may encounter. In addition, it helps you keep track of processes that become obsolete over a period.

Things to include in a journal

  1. Use case development story
  2. Performance bottlenecks experienced and reasons behind them
  3. Data, tool and environment requirement lineup for understanding what you are going to need
  4. Process flow diagrams that can help you understand the standardized procedures
  5. Network architecture that may include front, middle and end point touchpoints.

Summing up,

Learning how to be a load or performance testing expert requires you to have the best knowledge base and coaching material. We have outlined the basic things you need to start embracing the idea of how to become an accomplished load or performance tester. Apart from these simple tips, you can find resources like e-books, forums and open source testing solutions that can empower you with the best learning support.


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