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Investments 101: Quick Tips To Get Into Stocks and Investing


A lot of people tend to be hesitant whenever they hear “stocks” and “investing,” as these concepts get associated with complex research and quite a lot of numbers. And while the association is true (there’s quite a ton of numbers, and quite a ton of research), this doesn’t necessarily mean tackling stocks and investments is something only “for the rich and elite.”

In fact, anyone with the patience to learn and the willingness to try can pursue investing in various stocks and assets. And if you’re extremely curious into trying these kinds of ventures out, here are some quick tips for you:

  • Read up on what you can, watch tutorials whenever available. Another important element in understanding stocks and investments from a beginner’s point of view is to actually look into what’s available and read up. Afterwards, try to check how professionals and experts explain these concepts via tutorials and other forms of multimedia. It helps to take full advantage of resources such as the internet and social media to gain relevant input from industry leaders and other people willing to “teach” the basics so you have a good reference when you read up on stocks. Likewise, reading up on available resources also allows you to make full use of your time to learn things at your own pace.
  • Don’t hesitate to look for various resources online – including blogs, articles, videos, and even free tutorials via PDFs and other readings. Try to save all of them, read and watch them, and actively take notes. While they might not have “complete” information, they’re a good way to start your journey into learning how stocks and investments work.
  • Try to join communities, forums, and discussion sites that talk a lot about finances, stocks, and trading. You’d be surprised with the kind of willingness some of these members have to help you get started with resources, recommended viewing and reading, and even people to follow.
  • Observe how popular brands move and how experts interpret them. Another good way to learn about stocks and investments is to actually study popular brands and how they navigate the market in a fiscal year. A lot of things can happen in a span of a single financial quarter, and all the more if you’re looking at an entire year of movement. If you’re not confident trying to read up on trends today, you can look into projections and predictions of publications, professionals, and think tanks into how companies may perform in a given year and check how they performed in that duration. Chances are, not only will you get interesting results, but you’ll be acquainted into the processes involved in researching potential investments.
  • Try to check up on popular finance news related to the brands you like and brands you follow. You don’t necessarily have to know “everything” about them. However, try starting to read financial reports about them and observe how they “react” in terms of making new policies, products, and services available. You’d be surprised how you can eventually put two-and-two together.

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  • Check how they actually perform in terms of money, and how professionals react to those earnings. While giants like Apple may garner a ton of profit, other professionals have shown worry about their supplies. Likewise, conflicts and tensions between other countries may also affect the way the stock market looks like, similar to how the United States banning Huawei in the U.S. also opted Google to remove original Android software from Huawei phones.
  • Start looking at your hobbies from an investment point of view. What better way to test your knowledge in a new craft than to apply it? And who says you have to spend a ton of money just to check your knowledge in stocks? If you have a field or hobby you absolutely love, try to start looking at it from an investment point of view. Chances are, there are big players in your hobby or passion that make an impact in the stock market. And when you study their “movements” via the news of your communication channels, you’ll likely get the hang of understanding how some trends work when stocks rise and fall in some financial periods. Once you get the hang of this process, you’ll likely be ready to branch out into actually putting money into stocks.
  • For instance, if you love playing moto x3m bike race game, you might want to start investing on gaming. That way, you can “naturally” look at the movements of stock in popular developers and publishers, and you can most likely have some basic idea how news and new releases may affect the way these stocks can perform in the long run.
  • Start looking into things you love doing everyday, and check what sorts of “big groups” and companies are behind supplies, merchandise, and other things that involve profit. See if you think investing in these companies can be worth the while, as you’re looking at it from the point of view of someone who’s already into the hobby.
  • Consider getting enrolled in courses, lectures. A lot of people say you can get into investing and trading just by reading up on them, especially now that there’s a ton of information available online. This much is true – you can really learn a ton just by reading articles like these. However, it may prove beneficial in the long run to actually consider enrolling in courses and lectures relates to stocks and investments. Better yet, try to get yourself enrolled in courses that can help you get accredited as a licensed broker and trader. This not only gives you enough background to trade on your own, but to get paid doing a professional service to others. This also ensures you’ll be able to sort useful information from what you’ve been taught versus what you can read with ordinary material.
  • Granted, it might be a bit costly to actually enroll in a certification and licensure course for being an actual trader. However, this can be a worthy investment, as this license can make you a professional trader as well as help you earn extra money by providing your services to those that need traders. This helps you ensure you get to practice your knowledge on stocks and investments by helping other people. 
  • Don’t just settle for your certification, though. Actually make moves to be able to start investing – such as saving up for money to use, finding a trading platform to invest in, and researching on companies you want to get behind on. Don’t hesitate to consult others online as to what advice they can give you on the matter, and see how your knowledge compares to their opinions.

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With the above in mind, it helps to remember that complex subjects such as stocks and investing need careful research and study in order to pull off properly. Similar to other business plans, It’s importantly to keep a level head and be on top of your game when it comes to studying investments and trading – after all, unlike exams and essays we can cram, good investments and trading decisions come from hours (sometimes days, weeks, and even months) of planning.

If you want to get into investments and trading, you should develop not just the patience to research prospective brands, but you should have the right kind of observation skills to notice how market trends can affect the way business works in your field. If you have more tips, let us know in the comments!

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