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Industry Best Practices To Gear Up Your Magento Online Store Sales!


Industry Best Practices To Gear Up Your Magento Online Store Sales

Every day, new customers head to your online store, juggle your store to find out what you have for them and occasionally dropping items into their card that trigger their interest. You have invested a lot in Magento Development Company to help you bring them to this point. Your confidence beings to rise and as soon as you tried to block the deal, you found that the prospect has disappeared!!!

You must be wondering what went wrong and where eCommerce for business fail to convert the prospect into a customer. Well, you are not the only one suffering from such abandonment, there are more than 68% of online shopping carts are sailing with you in the same boat. Surprised? But that is the harsh reality of eCommerce business today. There could be multiple reasons behind this.

No matter how much you have invested in your Magento eCommerce development or maybe you can hire Magento developer, but there are certain factors that heavily influence the customer’s buying experience. If you manage to find a way out to balance these factors, you can surely boost up sales of your Magento online store.

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Workout on your Buyer’s Journey!

Before you give a thought to increase Magento eCommerce sales, the very first thing you have to do is to understand what your customers doing and when. The buyer’s journey typically consists of three different stages, awareness, consideration and decision-making.

All you need to do is to understand how you progressively move the buyer from the awareness to the decision-making step. And the best way to achieve this is to simplify the checkout process.

Correct the Design / UX nitty-gritty

Let’s think about the overall design and UX of your Magento eCommerce site. Suddenly, you realized that the page load speed of your website is the culprit. Do you know it takes only 7 seconds for your prospects to vanish from your site if they found it is slow? If you hire Magento developer, you can get his help to fix this problem on priority.

Moreover, you should also focus on the navigation part of the online store. If products are not in a proper place in the navigation, it will frustrate the visitor and they will leave your store on the very next moment.

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Leverage from the Pop-Ups

When we talk about the Pop-ups most of the people often overlook this important aspect. The days are gone when such pop-ups where boring and directionless. Today, if you have hired Magento Development company, they can help you use on-site pop-ups and other Magento extensions in such a way that bring a variety of ways to boost up the conversion rate for your online store.

Offer FREE Shipping

Of course, you cannot make shipping free of cost at all. But you can make it conditional! You can roll-out different offers where you can ask the customer to make a purchase of some X amount and he will be eligible for the free shipping. Most of the customers are prone to abandon the purchase if they feel charged extra for the shipping of their favorite product. It will surely bring more sales in a short time span for your online store.

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Rework on the Payment Options

The days are gone when customers were happy to use only monotonous payment options while shopping online. Today, if you are still offering limited payment options, they will reject your site straight away. Try to incorporate multiple user-friendly payment options available in the market. You can also get help from the Magento Extensions to offer payment options that are in demand in other countries. This way you can expand your global reach.

Go For Email Marketing!

Email marketing is one of the proven strategies for the online store owners to running eCommerce for business. It opens up the new doors to generate a new market for the business. However, you will need a team of experts who design and manage email campaigns. They will be the responsible team to craft the contents to encourage the readers to visit your site and make a purchase.

Aside to these aspects, you can also work on social media and search engine optimization in order to let people find you easily as and when they wish to buy anything. Also, you can analyze the site search data to understand what products or brands customers are searching for and can keep additional stock of such items.

Do you think we missed a few essential tips that can help Magento site owners to gear up sales? Want to know how a Magento Development Company can help you improve sales? Hit the comment below to know more!

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