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Improving the Accessibility of Your Business


Businesses that want to give their customers the best experience should offer accessible amenities that make it easier for them to get around and find what they need. Here are a few tips for improving the accessibility of your business.

Provide Parking Spots Near the Entrance

Those with trouble walking or getting in and out of their vehicles can benefit from more prominent parking spots located close to the building. Individuals with disabilities may have modified vans, so it’s good to have specialized spaces set aside where they can operate a lift or other accessory.

According to the ADA, parking spots should be at least 96 inches wide and have signs and colors indicating they’re only for those who need them. Ensure the ground is as level as possible and that there’s an easily navigable path directly to the entrance. The surface should be stable and have enough traction to prevent slips from occurring.

Install an Elevator Access System

Even after people have entered the building, they may still need help getting around. An elevator access system will ensure they don’t have to use the stairs, making the space more accessible for those with physical disabilities.

No matter what type of business you have, if the building has multiple floors, you should have an elevator to make it easier for people to come and go. Every hotel should have an elevator access system to ensure guests can get from the lobby to their rooms and back again.

Ensure There’s Good Lighting

Another thing businesses must focus on if they want to improve accessibility for their guests is the lighting. Light switches should be easy to reach when entering a room. Dimmers, ambient lighting, and accents can all improve safety for individuals with difficulty seeing.

Getting the intensity of the lighting just right is essential. If it’s too bright, it can cause glares that hurt your eyes. On the other hand, dark, dingy spaces can make it harder to get around and increase the chances of accidents due to tripping and falling.

Make Your Establishment More Inviting

Creating a comfortable space where everyone feels welcome can be challenging for business owners. Knowing how to make it easier for people to get around will ensure you get more visitors.

Improving the accessibility of your business doesn’t have to be complicated. By offering convenient parking, elevators, and good lighting, you can ensure people from all walks of life feel comfortable at your establishment.


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