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How to Improve Your Recruitment Process to Find Skilled Employees


The global pandemic has strongly impacted the world economy as thousands of people lost their jobs due to mandatory health restrictions. Because of this, recruiting the right candidate has become more difficult for many different industries despite workers being in higher demand.

But part of this problem may also be due to the shifts in the current job markets and the trends surrounding it.

Currently, workers have multiple concerns they want to address before signing their services to a company. This can include issues regarding health and safety, government support, career opportunities, salary concerns, and many more. If the right boxes are ticked, fewer candidates are more likely to send their applications.

In other instances, the struggles with finding the right person for the job can also be because of your company’s current strategy. When this happens, it could signify that it is time to change up your recruitment process.

9 Methods to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Revamping your hiring process can be a great way to improve your recruitment strategy and make your brand more appealing to candidates. Here are some tips for hiring that you can use to reel in the right types of talent you are looking for.

Be direct with job titles

Reassess your job title and the description that goes along with it. If the information you provide is not enough, candidates will find it difficult to fully understand and appreciate the role’s purpose. A well-written title should establish a clear idea of what an applicant can assess if they qualify and how they can succeed in the role.

Showcase your brand

Each company has a unique and distinct culture that differentiates you from other firms. When you showcase this to your applicants properly, it can act as an advantage over your competitors and make your organization seem more appealing. But, this should also be authentic to the actual environment to prevent retention rates from increasing.

Streamline the application process

A streamlined process can help your company stay organized while attracting the type of candidates you need to fill up the role. You can do this by making a standard template for different positions. You can also implement other steps in the process to screen applications faster such as background checks.

Make use of employee referrals

Ask your employees if they have any contacts that they believe might suit any available role. By offering your employees favorable incentives such as referral fees or other incentives, they are likely to refer suitable candidates that can take the position. This also eases the recruitment process and allows you to find the best fit for the job faster.

Prepare a test for candidates

You can only fully assess a candidate’s skills by giving them a chance to prove themself. When a permission application comes along, prepare a standard exam for them to take to see how well they perform. This can be done through asking leadership interview questions. This can give you an idea of what kind of output you can expect from them and if it can meet your company’s standards.

Update your career page

When applicants become interested in your company, they are more likely to try and look up information about you online as part of their job search.

As such, it is important that you keep your website and career pages updated to ensure that you can send a clear message to them. This also serves as a chance for you to show off your company culture and values.

Leverage your benefits

More workers today are concerned about the benefits they can get for rendering their services to a company.

As a way to improve your recruitment process, you can offer better incentives to new applicants, such as remote work benefits, monetary incentives, flexible working hours, and more. Through this, you can get more candidates excited about working with you.

Bring in your important employees

Including your important workers, like the department manager, in the recruitment process helps candidates get a better feel of what the position can be like for them.

Through this, employees can answer specific questions related to the department that management may not always be familiar with. Including different points of view can also improve the process and experiences for all parties involved.

Outsource your human resources (HR) operations

Reaching out to a reliable outsourcing group can help you gain the necessary skills and tools to improve and streamline your hiring process. The benefits of outsourcing can also allow you to let go of other parts of the process like onboarding so that you can focus on other core tasks.

Finding the right pieces to the puzzle

Recruiting the right person for the job is essential in establishing a strong and efficient team. Without a qualified candidate, your company’s performance could be at risk and ultimately drive sales down. Because of this, it is important to maintain a solid recruitment and onboarding process that can help you attract the right people you are looking for.

Updating your hiring strategy can be an excellent way to keep up with current job market trends and appeal to more candidates. When partnered with a reliable outsourcing company, you can ensure that your process can grow more efficiently over time.

Author Bio: 

Jamie co-founded optiBPO

Jamie co-founded optiBPO in 2008 and has over 25 years of experience in organisational transformation, shared services, and outsourcing. He has worked with over 100 companies in the past 5 years to offshore a range of business operations to the Philippines. Jamie has a strong track record of building high-performing outsourced teams.


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