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How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

Are you still trying to find out what to sell online?

Starting your first online store can make your anxiety go off.

You want to hit a “ball” with your first idea, but you also don’t want to chase unicorns.

You want to sell trending products online and make a profit. And to get there, you need data you can trust and an intelligent e-commerce business model.

You also need product ideas. On this website I have hundreds (literally):

While there are dozens of ways to make money online, hundreds of potential niches and millions of products to sell online, the basis of your success comes down to two things:

  1. The right products and
  2. Target market.
  3. Do not let the fear of failure impede the investigation process.

The good news is that there is always an opportunity and you can learn the right steps here for free.

How to find trend niche products to sell

The general process that I like to follow is:

  1. Research ideas in Google Trends
  2. Find market data to see if industry sales are growing.
  3. Reduce to product categories using Google search volume.
  4. Research blogs and influential people to find themes of passion .
  5. Get product sales data in JungleScout

Reach your competitors, suppliers and manufacturers before spending money.

Look at their prices and inventory levels day by day to see if they are successful.

JungleScout automatically does this. And I highly recommend it to anyone who sells online to do Amazon affiliate marketing .

When selecting products, keep a tight focus and look for the sweetest point.

But make sure you have a good combination of low, medium and high price points.

Depending on your niche, you may have to have a “loss leader” to attract customers and then sell them later.

Let’s start with the trends of current niches.

1. Cellulite removal

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

Although cellulite removal is a category of “always green” product niche, there is a new product in this space that is rapidly becoming steam.

The Anti Cellulite Vacuum / Massager is a high value item that you can use as the perfect sale for a sample size cellulite cream.

If I wasn’t so busy with my brand and my projects, I would jump on this without thinking about it.

But I have enough on my plate. If I wanted to jump on this trend right now, I:

  • Find an anti-cellulite cream or patch for $ 1 at Ali Express.
  • I would set up an advertising campaign on Facebook and offer the product for free. (Customer pays shipping)
  • I would receive your email before requesting payment.
  • After the purchase, I would show you a one-click sale to a higher priced cream. (Upselling)
  • I would run email marketing automation to educate them about weight loss.
  • I would hit them with a coupon code for a cellulite vaccine.
  • You could even try using Vaccum as an additional sale with just one click.

2. BlueTooth speakers

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

The Bluetooth speakers were on my list two years ago, and it’s still hot.

I’m sure you’ve seen these highlights at your local mall.

The wireless speaker industry is scheduled to grow 10% annually to $ 31.80 billion by 2023. You can buy it and avail great discounts using Amazon Coupons

3. Electronic cigarettes

Like it or not, “vaping” (of all kinds) is a massive trend.

There is certainly an element of lifestyle and a community that you can take advantage of to establish a brand in this fast-growing niche.

The vaping industry is expected to grow to $ 61B by 2025.

This niche has everything you want: Products at low, medium and high prices. Sales and cross-selling opportunities, volume search and upward trends.

4. Drones and Accessories

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

I love drones.

Combine all the accessories and a passionate community, and you have all the elements of a great niche.

There is an educational element that you can provide to differentiate your e-commerce store from others.

Drones is a $ 5B industry and more units are expected to take off.

The other thing I like about drones is that there are different levels of drone users.

You can maximize customer lifetime value by selling entry-level products, accessories and then selling higher-end products to more experienced users.

5. Online food delivery

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

This growing industry is expected to reach 30 billion in sales by 2025.

When looking at this post, you should think: “How can I combine this product with passionate crowds?” And formulate my own idea.

Companies like Blue Apron and Home Chef eliminate the stress of dinner.

This subscription product automatically responds to “What are we doing for dinner?”

The fact that Amazon is going big in this space should be a sign for all entrepreneurs.

6. LED lighting

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

In general, LED lighting is a growing trend. But I would concentrate on a subset such as outdoor lighting or kitchens. You will not earn money selling regular LED bulbs.

The LED market is expected to grow 13% annually and reach $ 55B by 2022.

You can create a fantastic content site around outdoor living spaces and sell lighting and related products.

7. Matcha Powder / Tea

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

People will always be interested in easy weight loss. Nothing is easier than preparing a cup of tea.

If you are from Japan, you probably do not need an explanation here.

But for whatever reason, matcha tea has been catching up with the popularity of green tea for the past decade.

It comes from the same plant as green tea, but is less processed and, therefore, contains many more health benefits.

Each year, more consumers are becoming aware of the health benefits of matcha.

Matcha is a $ 300 million market and is expected to grow 8% every year.

8. Magnetic phone accessories

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

Many people made money by sending magnetic chargers at the end of 2016.

It is difficult to create a brand around fashions, but I think it has a bit more legs than phone chargers.

In general, the smartphone accessory market is expected to grow to $ 108B in 2022. But it is VERY fragmented.

If you don’t want to worry about finding the right accessory to sell, you can copy Android Central and take the Amazon affiliate route.

9. Hair removal

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

The hair removal market is expected to grow by 9% annually and reach $ 1.3 billion by 2022.

But once again, hair removal is too broad. You need to find a subniche in this category.

Remember, if you are struggling to reach a niche. Just use this formula: product category for your target market.

Example:. Depilation for the female athlete.

You can sell multiple product niches to that person.

10. Baby clothes

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

Baby clothes will always be in need. But this is such a broad category.

I would suggest going after something in this category like clothes for premature babies.

The disadvantage of this industry is that it only grows to 1%.

The positive side is that there are millions of mummy bloggers ready to promote your product for a small fee.

11. Art items

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

Sad to say, but the demand for art supplies is in decline. But there are still a lot of people looking for it.

Have you ever tried to paint something?

You will notice that going to an art store and buying paint supplies for a beginner is extremely confusing (and expensive).

There could be an interesting opportunity to sell prepackaged paint sets for different skill levels of painters.

12. Party supplies

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online (2020)

Parents spend a lot of money on their children’s birthday parties. And decorating is simply a headache.

We like the concept of creating pre-packaged birthday decorations based on your child’s age and gender.

My instinct tells me that there is a good margin in this niche.


I recommend you do your own research. Use these ideas as a starting point. You can easily drill down to specific SKUs in JungleScount. Then combine the product niche with a passionate target audience to create your own brand.

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First of all, I am very impressed with the article written by you. I have gone through each of the products to sell online. I am also doing deep research on trending products so that I will put it on my ecommerce store. In every article, there are different products listed as trending so I am a little bit confused about which products to choose. Can you please update it as here more products and mostly differ from your products or what should be the best products to put on ecommerce store. It would be really appreciable if you help me out with product selection.


i loved your blog kindly add some health equipment and sports shoes in this list as well. for reference I am posting a link here.
This is about the workout equipment at home

This is about sport shoes for women


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