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How To Find The Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges


Lexmark is another brand of printer cartridges that offer high-quality ink cartridges to deal with individual and business needs. These cartridges help you to get superior quality printing results that do not spill or stain. Therefore, compared to other models in the market, these printer cartridges are less common and unique choices.

But like other good quality brands, you can see copies or alternative of Lexmark ink cartridges too. These fake cartridges put a bad impression in meetings with inferior print results and damage your system. Therefore, we have framed this write-up to guide how to find genuine Lexmark ink cartridges:

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How To Find The Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Online Stores

There are number of online stores offering Lexmark ink cartridge But, you cannot rely on everyone. It will be better to choose the best online Lexmark printer cartridge selling store. For this, you must read website review (product wise and for complete website). This will help you to know better ideas for website and product authenticity.

You should also check at the online store experience and read company policies. Look for their return and replacement policy. If someone is not offering a return or replacement policy, there could be something wrong with their product. It also show seller do not have trust in their product. Therefore, it will be better to avoid such stores and search for another option.

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Offline Stores

Selling from the retailer is the most common and easy way of buying. Here, you just need to visit the nearby market or store to buy your required ink cartridge. Ask for your printer model and buy the best option. This is a convenient way of shopping as you do not have to wait for the delivery time. But this does not mean you will not be cheated here. You can still get fake or alternative cartridge at the cost of the original Lexmark cartridge. So, be careful, we have designed some tips for your assistance:

Offline Stores Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Tips To Be More Careful

Check Merchant Name

While buying ink cartridge online, always check merchant details on the packing. This will ensure the authenticity of the seller. But, if you are buying from offline stores, always buy from the approved and respectable sellers only.

Look For Manufacturer Address

This is a hardly heard tip, but worthy. For this, you need to keep your original cartridge packing cover. So, next time when you buy an ink cartridge can match details with the cartridge. This will protect you from buying a fake cartridge. You can also differentiate both cartridges from their seal. But, if you don’t have, do not worry, you can check cartridge details on the internet.

Look At Price

Price is the main component. A great gap in prices means there is something suspicious. Therefore, you must not rely on a single website or selling for pricing. You must compare and find out the original price of the ink cartridge. And always go with the genuine price ink cartridge.

Pay Attention To Before Unpacking

False ink cartridges always leg behind from packing. You can see unrefined to undefined errors in their packing. Therefore, their logo, font, color contrast, spelling errors, and many others, you can see on the cover. Even some of the information can be misprinted or in breaking parts.

Carefully Analyze Running Cost

If you do not bother packing and other details of the ink cartridges, you can judge ink performance through running costs. Original ink cartridges have high productivity compared to fake. These print almost half of genuine cartridges and die in between. So, if you are meeting with such an issue means you bought a fake cartridge.

Proper Execution Is Important

Compatible cartridges or remanufactured cartridges mostly meet with execution issues. As they are not meant for your printer requirement. Therefore, while installing it will be hard to fit into your printer, in the same way, your previous original cartridge sets.

Judge During Calamities

Non-original cartridges can have holes, spit, or pop that separated ink from cartridges. It takes time for them to clean and then again run. Whereas, original Lexmark cartridges never meet with such issues. If you found defective piece, you can easily replace the cartridge.

These are the major details that help you to find the original Lexmark printer cartridges. But while buying you should also pay attention to the below-mentioned general details.

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Some other details to consider

Match printer cartridge with printer model

Every printer brand has a model number that differentiates a printer from one another. This model number also assist the user to buy ink cartridges. You see this number on printer user manual or on either side of the printer. While buying ink cartridge always match this number to make an easy shopping.

Check size

Almost all printer cartridges models come in standard and XL sizes. This provide the ease to buyers to choose their required size. For example, if you are using printer for home purposes, choose standard size ink cartridge as you will be going to use it less frequently. But for offices, XL size cartridges are the ideal choice. Because they take more printouts and it will hard to replace cartridges regularly.

Consider page yield capacity

While buying, the next biggest aspect is to consider the page-yield capacity of a cartridge. This is important as going to save a high amount of ink cartridges buying. High page yield capacity means you will need to replace cartridge less frequently.

consider the page-yield capacity of a cartridge

Black or Colored Cartridges

The choice between black or color cartridges solely depends on your type of use. For example, if you are going to print more text and fewer images, buying the XL size of black cartridges will be the best choice. You can also visit the nearby market for less colored printing requirement or buy smaller size colored ink cartridges. On the other side, who print more images and chart buying colored cartridges suits their printer.

Ink cartridges are expensive consumable, therefore while buying pay attention to the above-mentioned tips. Be aware of fake cartridges and always buy what you need. Good Luck For your shopping!!

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