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How Huddle Rooms Help? What Equipments You Need To Make Them A Success?


Huddle Room Solutions

Traditional Office Floor Plans

Over the past couple of years, the concept of Huddle Rooms has found much traction even as many businesses and organizations, across the globe, are reaping a rich harvest, thanks to the many benefits that these small but powerful workspaces offer.

How These Score Over the Traditional Office Floor Plans?

The days of the open office floor plans–with no physical barriers and transparent glass panels–may not be over yet because these still offer many benefits.

For example, such workspaces help office workers to work on a better scale engaging co-workers from different departments without any restrictions and without sometimes even moving. Such spaces also save valuable resources and improve worker efficiency while helping all tasks get completed in a synchronized and seamless way.

Having said these, these huge spaces have some drawbacks also. Yes, in spite of their collaborative benefits, such workspaces do come with certain issues!

To begin with, they don’t offer much privacy, and this may make it pretty tough to have important conversations that necessitate a certain level of confidentiality. In addition, with the constant source of noise and disruptions that may come with such workspaces, high impact engagements and meetings with your clients, and focusing on key tasks, that necessitate a higher stage of concentration, may not be easy.

But with the huddle room solutions–finely integrated into the office design–work teams may make the most of the open floor plans with a choice for complete privacy whenever they require.

But what’s a Huddle Room?

It’s a small meeting space that usually has a capacity of holding anywhere from 4 to 6 people even as it’s created for improved collaboration for impromptu or premeditated meetings.

These offer office workers a flexible space to collaborate and get their work done easily and–as mentioned earlier–with no annoyances. With reasonably priced solutions that are easy to set up and organize, and businesses may get started speedily and get bigger as they need.

On the basis of the specific size and requirements of an establishment, an office may have many huddle spaces alongside a bigger, conventional conference room.

What Equipments & Technology You Need?

To make the most of such workspaces, you need to have these basic pieces of equipment and technology:

1. Comfy Chairs:

For brainstorming and important meetings or presentations you and other involved professionals need to be in a comfortable position. If all are standing and the session lasts long, you won’t be able to fulfill your meeting goals.

2. A Small Table:

You also need to have a small table so that you and others can keep their laptops, notepads on it. Ideally, it should have some power points so that you can connect your laptops/mobiles, etc., with these.

3. A whiteboard:

It’s important equipment that must be a part of every huddle rooms. When you are explaining to your colleagues and other stakeholders the vital aspects of your business meeting or plan, this will prove handy and help all understand what’s on the agenda.

4. A large screen (TV, LCD, or LED monitor):

For high-value business presentations and better engagement with those who are a part of the meeting, you need these also. Using them, you can drive your business message home in a better and more engaging way.

5. Video conferencing technology:

Using Video collaboration, you can establish a head-to-head connection and develop bonds among geographically isolated stakeholders, make meetings more fruitful and engaging, and also decrease travel costs. Today, just 2% of the likely 30 million huddle spaces worldwide are actually video-enabled. This is nothing but a missed opportunity for enterprises.

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