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How Can You Drive Download Of Your Mobile App This 2021


Drive Download And Install Of Your Mobile App

These days, users have many mobile applications for online shopping, entertainment, fitness, and finances. You can found around 4 million applications available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. As a business owner, you can develop your mobile app tailored to what you offer.

However, after creating a mobile app with its style and icon, you may wonder how to drive its download. Even if your mobile app can run flawlessly on any mobile device and have an unexplored niche, you may still struggle with its download count. In that case, you need to make sure you have strategies to create momentum for your app.

Ways To Drive Download And Install Of Your Mobile App

You may love how your mobile app looks with its design and interface. However, you may run some issues with its download rate. To understand how to increase mobile app downloads, you must first understand your target market and several other factors affecting it. Here are some ways on how you can drive, download and install your application.

1. Do Your Own Market Research

It is estimated that there are 1,800,000 apps available on the Apple App Store. That figure does not even include mobile apps in the Google and Windows app stores. That means you’re still up to too much competition. To improve the download rate of your app, you must conduct extensive market research.

You must learn about the top applications in your niche, identify where they fall short, and use that knowledge to make your product even better than the competition. Depending on your budget, you may choose to do primary research on your potential consumers. Doing this will let you know what type of content, interface, and function they are looking for in a mobile app. It will help you improve your app to make it more appealing and satisfy your target market’s needs. It can also help you find your USP or unique selling proposition to gravitate people towards your app.

Secondary research, on the other hand, may provide a wealth of information. You can examine ratings on competitors’ apps in the App Stores. You can also watch reviews on YouTube and websites to see what real people had to say about apps that look and functions the same as yours.

2. Have An Appealing App Icon

Since your app icon is the first thing people see as they open the app store, the design you chose is vital to your success. Your app can stand out as eye-catching and appealing as customers click through the app store. Be sure that the template acts as a direct depiction of your app. It should provide as much detail as possible on what users can learn after downloading it. That being said, you should keep the software icon as unobtrusive and straightforward as possible. You don’t want it to be cluttered and overwhelming to the eye, so keep it simple.

  1. Have A Demo Video

Reading a short explanation or watching a few images would not provide anyone with an understanding of all the advantages of your app. Creating a demo video on any video editing software is another way to promote the app and maximize downloads.

Create a brief 30-second video that explains the how and why of your app. Put a particular focus on the product’s most common features. You should also post it on your website and social media page to lead your audience to your app store page.

4. Promote In Social Media

When deciding which social media networks to use to promote your mobile, ensure that your social media voice must be consistent with your app’s personality. Check what it would sound and behave like if it were a person. Use the voice regularly when you are doing promotional materials. If your app is edgy and “smart,” don’t bore your customers with dry market jargon. However, if your app is aimed at young professionals, then business talk might be appropriate so you can easily capture their attention.

5. Market Your App

If you have a marketing budget for your app, don’t be too frugal about it. Typical ad campaigns that last for a few weeks or months. However, if you wish to see a significant increase in downloads for your app in a short period, focus all of your marketing efforts in a short time.

It takes a lot of guts and persistence to launch a marketing strategy all at once, but the results can be impressive. Depending on the overall budget, you can invest the money within a few days or no more than a week. Distribute your ads through the platforms that your target demographic prefers.

6. Use Photos To Capture Your Audience

Your selection of images, screenshots, and videos is one of the most critical features of your app overview. Photos relevant to your app that showcase your most common and required features would help spike downloads right away. Screenshots from your app are what people can look at after discovering you in search results. A successful balance of these two factors is critical for convincing users to press the download button.

7. Take Advantage Of Reviews

If you can get good feedback from your app’s followers, your downloads can skyrocket. Reviews help announce that your app is a valuable download. It can also allow other people to know that your mobile app has an excellent user interface. These testimonials will inform other users that your app is worth checking and downloading on their mobile devices.

You might be tempted to buy fake reviews to increase the overall amount of attention your app receives. However, if the app store discovers you used this trick, your app may be suspended entirely. Organic reviews from real people are far more valuable to your app than fabricated ones because they allow you, the developer, to learn as well. Not only will the feedback help other users understand your product, but it will also tell you what needs to be fixed or adjust.

You can also tap with influencers that share the same market with your app. Tech YouTubers and commentators on big tech blogs with many readers can be an excellent choice to help your mobile app improve visibility and grow its audience.

Final Thoughts

Increasing the number of downloads for your app is not always an easy task. However, if you do your best and try to apply these best practices, you will notice a significant increase in downloads and app store rankings. When experimenting with these strategies, keep your target audience’s preferences in mind.

Author Bio:

Maricar Morga

Maricar worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

I am Lucia by profession a blogger, tech geek and much interested in exploring digital world and new technology. I am also a mother, wife. I really loving fashion things and travelling.


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