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GTA VI. What Do We Know?


Grand Theft Auto game fans have been eagerly waiting for the release date of the GTA 6, better yet, we all have been waiting for the updates. We all know that any news on this title is big news, but is GTA VI under development and is going to be released anytime soon?

No one knows when the sixth version is going to be or if it is even going to be released. The waiting is just similar to the moments when you expect a new casino title to be released in Vulkan Vegas online casino. But rumours have it that the game is in its early stages of development. Besides, it has been more than five years since GTA V, and we can guess that we are closing to a new game.

Grand Theft Auto fans have been busy playing the fifth version and downloading expansions, but everyone is eager to hear about the next instalment. So what are players saying online, and what do we know for sure? We are going to discuss everything you need to know about the on-going development in this article. Note that Rockstar is always incredibly enigmatic about its games, but it would not hurt to browse through the possibilities.

GTA VI Release Date

It is hard to guess when the release date of GTA VI will be, but we can only speculate and estimate the year. As the norms, Rockstar is known to develop its games every five years or so. It is now seven years since the last release and just after the launch of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. That is why it isn’t easy to know if there is one in progress. 2020 is already halfway through and soon will PS5, and Xbox Series X be ushered in. It feels like this is the right time for Rockstar to tell its audience something even if the game is still far from being released.

Note that the developer has not yet confirmed the official dates, thus, making it harder to presume if there will truly be a new release, especially with the success of the fifth version. So even though no one knows when the game will be available, rumours have it offered in late 2021 or early 2022 and not anytime in 2020.

What Will the Storyline in GTA VI Be?

There is also a rumour that the new title will be more sci-fi than its predecessors were. According to a report done by Christian Today, they say that it will have a game mechanic, which will allow time travel. As unrealistic is as it sounds, we cannot wait to see how it turns out. However, note this is just a guess of its storyline. Some are saying that this time travel will allow the player to rewind back a few seconds to the hero’s moves.

Besides that, a deleted rumour in Reddit stated that due to the title “Projects America”, the game will be based on a hero who starts his life as a low-life drug dealer before progressing into other duties. The story might also draw its inspiration from Netflix series, “Narcos” while integrating an illusory New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

Where Will It Be Set?

No one knows where the location of the new GTA will be, but we have some ideas. Some are suggesting we could go back to Vice City while others mention South America. It is one big discussion, and everyone is shooting out both realistic and unrealistic locations. It is pure guesswork.

However, Rockstar could take us to London (due to its history of crime), or Vice City, which is the best Rockstar’s version of Miami. Besides, the player will travel to at least one city other than the main, which is believed to be somewhere in South America. This is where drug transactions are believed to be done.

It Will Have Multiple Characters

GTA developers once stated that one or several male protagonists must lead the series. This is, perhaps, due to covering the maps or making it easier for the player to jump from one hero to the other. As a result, since we are expecting the map of GTA VI to be bigger, then we can only assume that it will have multiple characters or even some additional ones. What most people are expecting is maybe one female character and a police officer. This will be totally something new in the history of GTA, but it will be interesting to see some of these additions, especially if they are considering adding new characters.

Will It Be Available on PCs?

It is a solid bet that GTA VI will be available on PC, especially with the popularity of Red Dead Redemption and GTA V being accessible on computers. So it will be a good reason for Rockstar to take this part seriously.

Final Thoughts

Based on Rockstar’s reputation as well as its excellent records, Grand VI is worth waiting. But we wouldn’t mind just a peek of the trailer or a confirmation of its development. We are sure to take anything positive about the game.

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