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Best ways to repair PST files – A Complete Guide


Corruption is the major issue created in the PST file, and due to this, users have to repair PST files to keep their data protected. There is a large number of businesses that use PST files to store their crucial data. Thus, the security of the data matters a lot for the businessperson. Numerous people are working in an organization who share their day to day data. Therefore, users are always worried about their data, so they should repair their PST files at any cost.

This will help the users keep their PST file data for future use. Users require a healthy PST file so that their Outlook works smoothly and do not create any problem for the user. Nevertheless, users deny that their PST files can be corrupted, and there can be many reasons for the same. Thus to avoid such a situation, the users must repair Outlook PST files for a better working experience.

Why do PST files get corrupted?

All those regular users of Outlook PST files have proper knowledge about the corrupted PST file and why it happens. Most new users have begun using this platform for personal and professional work. Therefore, they must know the reason behind the corrupted PST files and how they can repair PST file quickly. The PST file can be easily corrupted for many reasons, and to know about it, check out the reasons mentioned below.

  • Sometimes, users suddenly shut down their system without closing the application running in Outlook or the system. It is harmful to the system, and if you are an Outlook user, you must be careful, as it can easily corrupt your Outlook PST file.
  • Users are very familiar with the term oversized; the same is with Outlook. If you keep storing large amounts of data in PST files, its size will increase. Thus, the oversized PST file is also dangerous for Outlook. It can also cause corruption in Outlook. With this, users cannot access their data at any cost.
  • Users with hardware or software issues can also create corruption in their Outlook PST files. Therefore, it is better to repair PST files.
  • Virus attack is a major cause of data corruption; nowadays, users work digitally. Therefore, a virus attack is possible, which can cause various reasons. Therefore, to keep your data protected, repair Outlook 365 quickly.

What are the different approaches to performing the task?

Now that users have decided to proceed with the task and repair PST files, they are eager to know the technique. Thus, the process can begin with manual and professional third-party tools. It is up to the users which method they opt for, as both approaches are available anytime. In the following paragraphs, we will share the working of both approaches to learn about the working.

Repair PST Files with a manual approach

The manual method is tough for the users, as they must have deep technical knowledge about the procedure. One with vast technical knowledge will be able to proceed repair Outlook PST files. The procedure takes ample time to finish the task, so only the technical experts will be able to handle the task. Here we are sharing the step-by-step process for the users.

Use the Scanpst.exe method for the process.

  • First, users are supposed to locate the Scanpst.exe in their system.
  • Now open the Scanpst, click on the browse option and then locate you are the file that you want to repair.
  • Now hit the start button to scan the PST file.
  • Once the scanning is completed, hit the repair button to fix the corruption in your PST file.
  • Now a dialog box will pop up, and you will see a message-saying repair is complete and then hit the Ok tab. Moreover, the process is finally completed.

This was the manual method to repair PST files, and there was no guarantee that the process would be completed successfully with the manual method. Users’ data can be at risk after using the manual method. Therefore, users should try the professional third-party tool for the whole process.

Repair Outlook PST files with a professional tool

As we have already discussed the manual method, many users avoid it, as it is a very time-consuming process. Thus, users want instant results, which they will get only with the professional third-party tool. Therefore, we urge users to try the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool to begin the task. A top-notch third-party tool will complete the task without creating any issues. Users can trust this software as it guarantees a proper repair Outlook 365 files. Now check out the step-by-step process.

  • Download the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool in your system.
  • After that, install it and click on add PST file option from the ribbon bar. 
  • The new window will appear before you on the screen. There, click on Add/ Search PST files option.
  • Now go through the advanced scan option for the corrupted PST files.
  • After that, from the ribbon bar, hit the Outlook PST option and save all the files in the Outlook PST option.
  • After that, the dialog box will open before you check/ uncheck the subfolder and then hit the Next option.
  • On the next window, the export item in the PST wizard will open. Now you have to enter the asked details like selecting a folder, setting a password and setting the size of the PST files. 
  • Next will be the filter option; users can include/ Exclude their desired items based on their message class and date range.
  • After tapping the advanced option, users can proceed with email translation and folder mapping.
  • Once it is completed, tap on the Ok option and hit the Next button.
  • Finally, repairing PST files will begin, and the live report will appear before the users.
  • After completing the process, click on the Ok option and Finish option.

Final words

In the above blog, we have shared all the important details so that users can quickly repair PST files. We have shared the professional third-party tool for the users, so go through it and check out its features. For more information, download the free demo version of the tool.

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