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Excel Budget Templates for Managing Your Personal Finances


Managing Your Personal Finances

Many people struggle with budget management and think of it as a hassle – and yes, it often is.

Though a lot of us are intimidated by numbers, we acknowledge that the proper allocation of funds is key to strong financial health. Thankfully, there’s a way around this love-hate relationship. With the help of Excel chart templates, budgeting shouldn’t be as hard or confusing as it used to be.

Here are some of our most recommended Excel templates for your personal budgeting needs.

1. Weekly Budget Planner Template

It may be called a weekly planner, but this budgeting template from vertex42 also allows users to create bi-weekly and monthly budgets.

If you’re new to Excel budget management, the Weekly Budget Planner is one of the best personal finance tools to start with. Aside from being very user-friendly, the template also displays all your financial information on one page, which makes everything easier to view, compare, and understand.

2. Monthly Budget Planner Template

Are you looking for a budget planner that will allow you to allocate your funds in detail? Well, this one’s for you!

The Monthly Budget Planner template by Money Under 30 has a dedicated sheet for every month of the year. As each page is broken down into sections and sub-sections where you can list your budget and expenses by category, tracking your spending will be a breeze.

But that’s not all. The template also features a summary page that contains snapshots of your debts and savings for a quick look at your financial status.

3. Annual Budgeting Template

Budgeting for an entire year can be very intimidating; that’s why you need money management tools that will help you simplify the process.

Like many budget planners, the Annual Budgeting template from lets you create an annual financial plan and then gives you an updated overview of your finances, so you can always keep them in check.

But what’s really amazing about this particular spreadsheet is that it can hold a year’s worth of detailed budget plans. All the sections are also customizable, so you can simply enter any changes and additions to your income and expenses.

4. College Budget Template

Are you a college student? Then this budgeting template will come handy!

One of the best budgeting tools for young adults out there, this worksheet from vertex42 allows users to project their budget for a month, a semester, or an entire academic year.

With the College Budget Template, it’s easier to chart all your expected expenses and possible sources of income for the year ahead.

Multiple part-time jobs? Food allowance? Transportation expenses? The spreadsheet comes with almost every expense category you can think of, plus you can still change and edit the contents to better fit your budgeting needs. It’s an excellent tool for tracking where your money goes and keeping your finances aligned during your university years.

5. Family Budget Planner

If you’re already married and have a family, then you know how much harder it is to budget for an entire household. Managing a personal budget is already tough, what more when you have children’s allowances, school fees, insurance, and a mortgage to think about?

Another one from vertex42, the Family Budget Planner will let you create an annual household budget and plan your family’s finances ahead of time. As with most Excel templates, this one is also customizable. You can edit the spreadsheet to accommodate any changes in your household’s earnings or spending.

6. Savings Goal Tracker

It is vital to save money for the rainy days, but you have to admit; it’s a lot tougher than you expected. It’s so easy to get tempted by material things. Next thing you know, you’ve bought something on impulse – again.

The Savings Goal Tracker from vertex42 will help you keep your eyes on the prize. Charting your savings on the spreadsheet and seeing it grow will motivate you to save more and reach – or better yet, exceed – your target savings sooner!


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