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Evaluation Of Digital Printing In Technology


The modern era of technology has changed a number of processes as we knew them earlier. Digital printing is one of those. With the evolution of digital printing technology, analogue printing methods have been largely abandoned. This is mostly due to the convenience and accuracy that digital printing offers.

Digital printing technology has come a very long way from where it began. From papers and cards to shirts and plastics, there is nothing you can’t print. This article will evaluate the technology that is utilized in digital printing, but before we do that, we need to take a quick look at the types of digital printing that takes place today.

Types Of Digital Printing:

Digital printing allows printing digital images directly onto different sorts of media, without using a plate for this image transfer. The different types of digital printing are classified on the basis of the different machines utilized for the process, which are three.

1. Inkjet:

Inkjet printers are not new for any of us. They are commonly used in offices and homes. These printers are extremely reliable and allow printing on paper as well on plastic. Their intricate functionality involves a process that fires small bullets of ink onto the media, producing the image that you desire. This sort of technology is ideal when printing bright and vibrant images are required. But that is not all, it is also an ideal method for printing text, be it standard, calligraphic, or artistic.

2. Laser:

Laser printing is yet another digital printing method that is known for the accuracy of print that it provides. The print obtained by this method is not only accurate but also considerably faster than other methods of digital printing. A laser printer is basically an electrostatic machine, and as the name implies, it uses a laser to reproduce your digital image. The printer consists of a plank on which the laser moves and this movement produces static electricity. The electricity allows the release of toner on the page that prints the image that you want. This kind of printing service may seem like it takes much time, but all of this is an extremely quick process that takes no more than a few seconds.

Types Of Digital Printing

3. Digital Press:

We have seen or heard about a traditional press and how it functioned to transfer images on to different media. A digital press is basically just a digital version of the good old traditional press. Unlike inkjet printers and laser printers that are commonly found in homes and offices, these presses are usually bought and used by large companies.  This is mainly because of its size and price. Digital presses allow printing onto a greater variety of media than inkjet printers, and laser printers do. Their functionality requires a greater size and their operation needs greater investment. This is why these presses are used for producing printed media in a great bulk by different printing businesses.

All these three digital printing methods are widely used all over the world. If you are looking for the best digital printing Dubai has to offer, you will easily find printing services with all three of the above-mentioned methods.

Evolution Of Digital Printing:

While the history of analogue printing dates back to 1493, digital printing is relatively a lot newer. It came around in the early 90s with the printing of text. Back then, it was just black and white figures and images that could be printed.

Evolution Of Digital Printing

Coloured printing saw the daylight in 1993 when the world’s first digital colour printing press, Indigo, was launched. These digital presses were bulky and expensive and could not be commonly used by all. But with time came the smaller and more reliable digital printers that changed the way people looked at digital printing.

Digital printing has changed a lot in recent years, and according to an expert in the printing industry, it will continue to rise and evolve, bringing changes that not many people have foreseen.

Benefits Of Using Digital Printing Technology:

Now that we have established that digital printing has very well taken over analogue printing due to its great number of advantages, the question is, what exactly are those advantages? What is it that digital printing technology has to offer?

• Makes Printing Affordable:

It is common thinking that newer technology is more expensive than traditional methods. The same isn’t true for digital printing. Digital printing actually makes printing a lot more affordable. These printers eliminate the extra cost of the plate-making process. Even digital presses are a lot more affordable than the traditional ones, even though they might be comparatively more expensive than other digital printing methods.

Brings Absolute Convenience:

Analog printing brings with it a number of complexities and challenges. From the limited range of media that it could print on, to the tricky operation that it features, there are many shortcomings of analogue printing. Digital printing is the perfect solution for all these problems. It is basically a package of convenience. Not only does it allow users to print on a wide range of materials, but even allows them to do so with great ease.

Efficiency At Its Best:

Forget the time-consuming methods of analogue printing. Digital printing technology allows you to save a considerable amount of time by letting you do the same amount of printing in a considerably smaller period of time. This is exactly the sort of printing that we need with the advancement of modern technology.


Modern-day technology has brought a number of gifts for humankind, and digital printing is one of them. Digital printing technology is used all over the world for a variety of uses. From printing postcards to pressing t-shirts, there is nothing digital printing technology can’t do for you. The future holds better methods of digital printing, but till then, we’ll stick to the ones we have.

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