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Do You Know Single Panel Display Scene Has Changed for the Better?


Single Panel Display Scene

With technological progress and the new breakthroughs made in the sphere of the single display panels, now the situation has changed a lot–for the better, of course!

Yes, at the present, we have large format displays that give a far better and larger-than-life experience and involve the viewers with the content they are providing (still images, moving images, text, or other visual stuff) in a far better and more engaging manner.

Over the years, the traditional LCD and cathode ray tube (CRT) television sets and video wall display have also gained in size and become better, but it’s actually the Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) large format products that are really redefining the single panel display scene across the world and helping organizations give their viewers and other stakeholders an immersive experience.

The reasons aren’t difficult to figure out.

LPDs are perfect for high impact engagements with the collaborators and other stakeholders and enable businesses and organizations to convey their core business messages, and promote their services and products on a scale not heard of or seen earlier.

Besides, the collaboration software that comes with these displays, help the firms and organizations engage their targeted people, and give them an immersive experience.

Using this lethal combo, now people and organizations are in a position to offer high-value presentations, and bring their workers and other stakeholders on a common platform, from different parts of the world, for brainstorming and business meetings–easily and smoothly.

These innovative technology displays also offer a crystal-clear viewing experience; are bezel-free, fully rollable, and easily transportable even as these come equipped with over 32 touch points, to offer better engagement with the stakeholders and viewers. Who would have thought earlier that these mammoth displays can be carried through even narrow lanes and using as small vehicles like scooters or bikes? But it’s true!

Adding to the appeal and value of these is their power consumption which–if one compares with other large format displays–is pretty low; in fact, a typical LPD large-format device requires the power needed by any regular household equipment, for example, a coffee making machine.

Further adding to the value of these useful interactive display is the fact that they are entirely recyclable and thus environment–friendly. These leave lesser carbon footprints making them excellent products for large displays. Thus, these sustainable products help businesses fulfill their corporate responsibility towards the environment all the while helping them keep the cost of running and using them down.

Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series

Improving the large format display scene are these 20 feet wide and 5 feet high LPDs (The firm also makes 190-inch and 135-inch LPD-powered single panel large-format displays). Presently, are the Largest Single Panel Display in the World.

These interactive large-format single panel displays offer panoramic images not to mention an unparalleled experience. In addition, these aren’t only entirely shatter-resistant and flexible but also offer in the difficult business atmosphere of today–where businesses and organizations are looking for interactivity, flawless integration, connectivity, and collaboration–the golden opportunity to work together from virtually any part of the world, in the process, saving limitless travel hours and precious resources.

More importantly, these future-ready solutions completely redefine the digital display experience for the organizations and for their brands, and turn the web into a touch-interactive workspace for all the stakeholders and collaborators, making them the best possible large format display and collaboration wall solutions for all.

No wonder, businesses, and organizations are using them on a large scale today and gain from what they have to offer, in terms of efficiency, output, engagement, and experience.


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