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Digital marketing experts – Best countries to work


It is imperative that digital marketers focus on the right demographic and product in a profession that relies on connections.

Daily activities such as banking and information access are now carried out over the internet. Businesses can efficiently sell their services and goods online because there are more than 4.66 billion internet users.

Digital marketers are not required in every country. The rise in internet usage is a factor in the demand for this expertise.

Although the internet is widely used worldwide, not everyone uses it equally. The Internet World Stats report shows that 94% of North Americans are frequent internet users, compared to 43% of Africans.

Increasing internet usage will have a significant impact on where digital marketers and recent marketing graduates are in demand globally. An industry that thrives on connections requires digital marketers to focus on the appropriate demographic and the right product or service.

USA – The Unites State of America

Among the nations with the most employment opportunities is the USA. Apple, Microsoft, and Google are among the major companies that do marketing in the US. Digital marketers in this country are also among the highest-paid in the world. According to January 2022 statistics, marketers earn on average $50,676 per year.

One of the negatives is that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in because of its high cost of living. Additionally, US citizenship is required for employment in the country.

Investing in other nations is the fastest route to citizenship and permanent residency. US law, however, does not allow this. Citizenship by investment applications requires the naturalization process. Obtaining a green card also takes three to five years.


Depending on the level of experience, digital marketers in Portugal can earn between €19,995 and $22,930 per year. Digital marketing specialists in the country can earn up to €30,000 ($34,404) a year if they have been working for 10-19 years.

Dual citizenship is also offered in Portugal through investment. You will have a simpler time migrating to the nation if the need arises. With a processing time of just three to six months, it offers one of the fastest citizenships by investment schemes.

This is known as a “Golden Visa,” and it gives you the opportunity to become a permanent resident after five years.

This visa requires that you purchase real estate worth at least €500,000. If you want to live in an urban area, you’ll have to spend about €350,000.

Portugal allows visa-free entry to the Schengen area for those with a second passport. You can get free medical care and education from famous institutions. Moreover, you don’t need a work permit to work in Portugal or any other EU nation.

When you obtain EU citizenship through investment, you can work and live in countries such as Ireland, Malta, and Spain. You can find fantastic work opportunities in digital marketing in these nations, as well as Portugal.

A major difference between Portugal and other nations in Europe is the affordability of living there. According to today’s exchange rate, Lisbon, Portugal can cost up to €1,640 for living alone. A comparison of this price to 83% of European cities and 57% of global cities shows that this is cheaper.

One drawback of employment there is the necessity of learning Portuguese. Despite being able to communicate in English on the street, you will need Portuguese when dealing with government agencies. The nation also does not accept Visa or Mastercard for payment anywhere. Cash is therefore always a good idea.


If you’re passionate about your career and want to live a better lifestyle, Canada is the perfect place for you. One of the best advantages of moving to Canada is you can earn $47,500 a year in digital marketing as an entry-level employee. The average salary for professionals with experience is $72,017 per year. Furthermore, the nation has a 61.5% employment rate.

Canadian initiatives simplify the process of moving to and living permanently in the country. Despite the fact that they don’t give investment citizenship to Canadian citizens, Express Entry canada is the fastest way to become a citizen of Canada.

If you are a highly experienced digital marketer, you can apply for the PNP. Doing this will allow you to start working in the country quickly.


Australia’s employment market now requires 87% of workers to have strong digital skills. To keep up with the demands of the digital age, an additional 156,000 digital marketers are required. Digital marketing skills can help you fill this digital skills gap.

The immigration policy of Australia is also among the most tightly controlled and well-run in the world. Skilled Nominated Visas are the fastest way to move to Australia.

Digital marketers earn an average salary of $81,910 per year. Depending on your experience, you may also earn $100,007 a year.

Working in Australia has its drawbacks, including the high cost of living. A similar system to that in Canada is provided by Australia when it comes to healthcare. There is high-quality medical care available to both permanent residents and expatriates. It is recommended that you budget between $560 and $700 per month.

Furthermore, housing affordability has declined. The average home cost in Sydney has risen to $1.3 million.


The majority of IT experts in Ireland believe schools do not adequately prepare children for a digital future. Due to this lack of experience, many graduates lack a firm grasp of digital technology. 50 % of Irish adults lack basic digital skills. A skills gap is preventing Ireland’s companies from transforming into digital companies and becoming creative.

It is appealing to work as a digital marketer in Ireland because the average salary is $50,000. If you have enough experience, you might be able to earn up to $57,000 annually.

Dual citizenship is also acknowledged. As a result, living in Ireland and in your current country can be advantageous to you. One of these advantages is the availability of a top-notch healthcare system. Another is the availability of unrestricted educational opportunities.

Even though this is the case, citizenship by investment in the country is not the most affordable. You must make a minimum three-year investment of €1 million in order to be eligible. Malta offers the best citizenship-by-investment program in all of Europe, so you should travel there to take advantage of it. Dominica offers the least price for citizenship outside of Europe.

Its cost of living is the second-most expensive in the world when all other considerations are excluded. There are 34% more consumer goods and services there than the national average. Comparatively speaking, consumer goods and services in the UK are 21% more expensive than average.  


In order to keep up with technology, digital marketers need nine times as many job opportunities as there are now. Internet access is increasing in India every year. By the end of 2022, Indian internet users will number 932 million. Your employment options increase as a result.

Another benefit of working in India is the low cost of living. Affordable housing is available even in large cities. Besides being reasonably priced, the meal is also good. Additionally, they have a great internet connection. As a result, digital marketers now have a simpler time working in India.

It has the disadvantage of having four more working hours than other countries. Digital marketers in India earn a monthly salary of INR 19,418 ($254) despite the country’s low cost of living.


It is expected that digital marketing experts will be among the most in-demand professions in the coming years. A digital marketer is a must-have for every business, everywhere. Despite this, there are only a handful of nations that provide the best living conditions and working conditions for digital marketers. Additionally, you can improve your digital marketing skills by gaining knowledge and experience.

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