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Custom Rigid Packaging contributes to business success


custom rigid packaging design

Numerous factors have made custom rigid packaging an important marketing tool. The primary function that brands and companies have traditionally assigned to the packaging is ensuring the protection of products during shipping and distribution from a producer to an end consumer. However, new consumer needs have led to a consideration of new requirements for the custom rigid packaging design. Many brands and packaging experts of various rigid box manufacturers USA have designed a development process which ensures sound logistic, commercial and environmental functions of packaging.

Logistics – The logistic function of wholesale rigid boxes includes the way a product travels from the producer to the consumer. There are several physical requirements that your packaging must fulfill within the supply chain.

Commercial Function – The commercial functions for wholesale rigid boxes concern the different requirements for marketing communication, the necessary information to the consumer, for instance, about the contents encased; usage instructions of the product, any precautionary measures, knowledge of consumer demand and its potential impact on the purchase decision process.

Environmental Function – The environmental function relates to the recycling, re-utilization, and reduction of

packaging materials as well as general ecological awareness. This function also includes the market environment with consumer, competition and legislative requirements (such as mentioning tar content level in cigars.)

Getting a Competitive Advantage through Custom Rigid Boxes

Packaging Republic’s team believes that the basis of competitive advantage entails meeting customer’s needs in a way that is superior to that of competitors. The factors of custom rigid boxes which lead to competitive advantage include better user convenience, positively memorable unboxing experience, better in-use characteristics and superior design. The competitive advantage of custom rigid boxes results from a reinterpretation of product functions or emphasizing one of the functions. Packaging can therefore be an essential source for creating competitive advantage in a brand’s products. As a brand, you can develop an integrated marketing strategy using packaging as a marketing tool. This requires several important decisions about the packaging and its relation to other marketing tools.

You must start by establishing a packaging concept that defines what the package should be and its functions for the particular product. It will help if you also consider additional factors such as shape, size, material, color, text and brand mark. Competitive advantage can be achieved in any function of a firm’s activities. Many factors have contributed to a growing interest in and use of packaging for brand differentiation and the possibility of achieving competitive advantage.

To achieve this, you must analyze and develop packaging boxes as a creative marketing tool. Packaging boxes and the packaging process consists of all the activities that the rigid box manufacturers USA and the brand teams perform at different development stages to add value in the whole process of the supply chain, i.e. from the design of a package to its recycling by the end-consumer.

Reusable Factor

Apart from this, there are many communicative aspects and brand-building functions of the package. Well-designed packaging can also contribute to influence the consumers’ later experiences of a product through their use of the package for other purposes. Moreover, as mentioned previously, packaging like rigid boxes can be reused due to its sturdiness. For example, such boxes can be used to store items, send gifts to your loved ones or even be used for decorative purposes.


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