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Coupon marketing vs Digital Marketing: Which Strategy to Choose for Your E-commerce Platform?


American Marketing Association defines marketing as “The process of developing, communicating, delivering, and trading offerings that are valuable to customers, clients, partners, and society at large collectively is known as marketing.” However, the term marketing is still a mystery after being aware of this authorized definition. People are still trying to understand how it might enhance traditional and online businesses. At every stage of development nowadays, online marketing is discussed. Artificial intelligence and robots are the rages right now. People worldwide are working to improve their businesses to keep ahead of the competition in the online market. The two famous phenomena of marketing, i.e. Digital marketing and coupon marketing, compete in the domain of online marketing. We have tried making an effort in this article to help our readers become aware of both strategies’ advantages and disadvantages. Following are the comparative characteristics of coupon marketing vs digital marketing:

What is Coupon Marketing?

Utilizing customers’ need to save money on purchases, coupon marketing uses online coupons codes and other promotional offers to attract new clients and keep existing ones. Many individuals are still unaware of coupon marketing nowadays, and you may think of it as a marketing strategy that relies on consumer interest.

How does the Coupon marketing system work?

 One of the most popular and successful eCommerce company models is coupon marketing. This procedure entails offering things at a discount from their original cost. Although most people are familiar with coupons from the retail sector, very few can connect to how they work. The use of coupons is consistent with current marketing industry trends.

The main goal of this eCommerce strategy is to improve the client experience throughout a purchase. Vendors and customers can benefit from the two-way platform created by this method. Who doesn’t enjoy making a little dollar back when they shop? Customers occasionally enjoy cheaper shopping thanks to coupons and offers. Therefore, giving them incentives will win you their loyalty and bring in many new ones.

How useful are Digital Coupons?

According to Voucherify, customers are 77% more likely to use digital coupons than paper ones. Moving toward digital vouchers is also advantageous financially. Traditional coupons use more resources to produce, sort and distribute and are less environmentally friendly. Additionally, unless they are produced utilizing a digital system from behind, they do not give the thorough tracking that comes with digital incentives.

Types of Coupons:

The following listed types are the types of Coupons used in coupon marketing:

  • Free Shipping Coupons
  • Amount discount vouchers
  • Free Trials
  • Holiday and Seasonal Sales
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free
  • Pre-Launch Promos
  • Gift Cards Coupons
  • Referral Promo Codes
  • Loyalty Points
  • Newsletter Subscription Discount 
  • First-Time Purchase Discount
  • Free upgrade voucher

Pros of Using Coupons:

When talking about coupon marketing vs digital marketing. The following are the pros of coupon marketing:

  • It expedites the flow of more customers and, hence, the flow of sales.
  • Individual clients can switch between brands with its assistance.
  • Helps eCommerce businesses comply with customer standards
  • Helps websites swiftly rank the business
  • Provides platforms with a better cash invasion
  • Helps eCommerce businesses comply with customer standards
  • Remains accessible at all times
  • It lessens the amount of money spent on purchasing items

Cons of Using Coupons:

The following are the cons of using coupons:

  • Sometimes results in higher costs for the retailers
  • Discounts for first-time purchases frustrate regular customers.
  • Encourages customers to quit waiting for discounts and shop elsewhere.
  • Reduces the actual earnings potential without sales
  • A rise in first-time purchasers may affect the brand’s reputation, especially if the coupons are propagated through different platforms.
  • Because of the frequent availability of coupons, less committed clients would make them wait for such offers to start their purchases.

What is Digital Marketing?

Promoting various brands and businesses via the internet and other digital communication channels is known as digital marketing. This comprises promoting different brands through social media, emails and text messages.

How does the Digital marketing system work?

Without using the most recent and cutting-edge digital devices, it is impossible to sell your platform. You might choose to employ a variety of digital channels while using this method. This eCommerce marketing strategy’s core components include emails, social media, and search engines. Different strategies for navigating this advertising process are developing. To extend the culture of digital marketing.

How useful is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing offers fresh approaches to audience targeting. In a magazine read by people most likely to purchase your good or service, you might run a print advertisement as part of traditional marketing. However, there’s a good probability that not every consumer in your target market will see this magazine. Digital marketing can help with this. You can reach more customers in your target market by using digital marketing. You can contact customers who might have missed your initial advertisement or require more engagement before purchasing with customized blog content, pertinent social media channels, and search engine marketing.

How does a Digital Marketing System work for B2B and B2C Business Types?

B2B business types have long-term goals that make them effective customers. B2C, on the other hand, have short-term goals, making their transactions less effective and limited than B2B.

B2B, consisting of large-scale business transactions, is also considered more logical. B2C content, on the other hand, is quite emotionally driven as its motive is all about engaging and improving customer experiences.

Types of Digital Marketing:

The following listed types are the types of digital marketing:

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Website marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Affiliate marketing

Pros of Digital Marketing:

When talking about coupon marketing vs digital marketing. The following are the pros of digital marketing:

  • Aids in more precise customer targeting for various audiences
  • Produces speedier outcomes in less time.
  • It greatly reduces the amount of money spent and is a cheaper option as it takes little to almost no amount in the propagation of a business. Concerns using cheaper software that can be used through subscription online and at a discounted rate by using online discount codes.
  • Reaches a greater number of people worldwide
  • Produces measurable outcomes for improved tactics
  • Contributes to improving customer service
  • Utilizes the influence of social media
  • Remains accessible at all times

Cons of Digital Marketing:

The following are the cons of digital marketing:

  • If their initial impression is poor, retailers fail
  • Due to intense competition, projects are prevented from succeeding. If a platform receives unfavourable consumer ratings, its efforts are destroyed.
  • Struggles a lot as a result of being dependent on technology devices
  • A website may waste a lot of time doing this.
  • Digital marketing can be used for dishonest purposes.
  • A negative encounter and negative social media evaluations can be made worse by digital because of the accessibility of reviews to everyone on social media.

Which of the Strategies is Worth Choosing?

People begin to consider the marketing strategy that might be effective for business when the comparison of coupon marketing vs digital marketing is addressed. Many of them might go for the coupon; however, most would still opt for the digital one. While digital marketing has advantages and disadvantages for the business, it is still important for increasing sales and traffic and ensuring consumer loyalty. Coupon marketing, compared to digital marketing, may not always be the most effective method of advertising a business because it lacks the social media platform’s ease of use of certain methods. Despite the leverage of digital marketing, both eCommerce strategies are worth approaching.

Final thoughts:

Different deals marketing and digital marketing are both crucial aspects of eCommerce business, and both are equally important for helping a business thrive in this era of technology when everything is digital. When talking about the two eCommerce comparative terms, i.e. coupon marketing vs digital marketing, both are beneficial and can help surge a business if used properly and strategically.

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