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Content Marketing: How It Will Help Your Business Grow


Content Marketing will Help Your Business Grow

Content is king.

This phrase generates a lot of buzz and debate among marketers today. But, how accurate is that phrase?

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, more and more businesses are promoting their products and services online. But, how do you stand out amongst your competitors? How do you make sure that your brand is visible to your target audience?

This is where quality content comes in.

What Is Content Marketing?

Essentially, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable and relevant content to attract potential customers, retain existing ones, and make more people aware of your brand.

The type of content that you share depends on what you are offering. In other words, you are using relevant contents to educate people about your business so that they know, like, and trust your brand enough to do business with you.

How Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

To help you better appreciate the importance of content marketing, we have put together a list of the top benefits that it can provide for your business:

1. Boost Your SEO Efforts

The importance of content marketing becomes apparent when looking at its significance in search engine optimization (SEO). Remember, SEO plays a vital role in improving the visibility of your business online, and you need to have a lot of content to get search engines to index your website.

Statistics show that content creation is the most effective SEO strategy. In fact, business sites that consistently post blog contents have an average of 434% more pages which search engines can index than those that don’t publish content at all. The more content that you have on your website; the more pages the search engine can index to show users in their search engine results.

Moreover, the more content that you have on your site, the more reasons your viewers may stick around, which can result in higher on-site time and also improve your SEO.

However, please note that more pages do not automatically result in higher traffic, but it does give your brand more opportunity to rank for keywords. For example, publishing blogs on different topics relevant to your target audience gives you more opportunities to rank for the keywords that target users search for on search engines.

2. Improve Brand Reputation by Building Trust

Did you know? 70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company through articles rather than ads.

In today’s competitive digital marketplace, it is important for businesses to build trust with their leads and customers. By building trust, you can help your business establish a positive brand reputation. This is where content can help.

By publishing valuable, relevant content, you can build trust with your leads and customers. Consumers start to develop an opinion about your brand when they read your contents. If they find your content educational, relevant, engaging, and reliable, then they will start to have similar thoughts about your business. The more valuable contents you provide, the easier it will be to gain the trust of your target audience.

Additionally, the more that your consumers see you consistently publishing content, they may come to regard you as a leader in your industry. Sharing your contents with influencers, bloggers, and third-party publications can also help you further build trust with your target market.

3. Establish Your Subject Matter Expertise

Once you have the trust of your consumers, you can then establish your subject matter expertise. After all, consumers want to know that they are dealing with experts. They want to deal with professionals who know the ins and outs of the expertise they are in.

This is another reason why content marketing is important. Content marketing allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field. With content marketing, you can provide your consumers with valuable, relevant knowledge that can help them make smart purchasing decisions.

For instance, every time you publish a new blog post, you are showing your customers how much you know about the industry. You are showing them that you understand their challenges and concerns. When the time comes that they have to make a purchasing decision, they will remember the brand that gave them the information necessary to better understand their problems.

Consider this: Consumers will always gravitate towards businesses that publish regular content that is informative and educational, rather than from those that don’t publish any content at all. Consumers will purchase from businesses that demonstrate their expertise and knowledge. That way, they have peace of mind knowing that they are taken care of by experts who can answer their inquiries and troubleshoot any problems.

4. A Cost-Effective Way to Get New Leads

Lead generation is vital, particularly for businesses that depend on consistent traffic to grow their brand and generate sales. Content marketing is not only an excellent tool for lead generation, but it is also time-effective and affordable.

Statistics show that while content marketing costs around 62% less than traditional marketing strategies, it generates approximately 3x as many leads. This statistics shows how important content marketing is for businesses wanting to maximize their budget without sacrificing their marketing strategies.

Aside from being affordable, content marketing can also boost your website’s traffic in a short span of time. In fact, more than 81% of marketers experienced a boost in website traffic by investing as little as 6 hours each week on their social media content. Further statistics show that B2B marketers that depend on blogs get 66% more leads than those that don’t blog at all.

Its importance is easy to see when you consider its return on investment (ROI). Consider this: Since content marketing is fairly affordable while still being effective, many businesses will see an excellent ROI on their content marketing strategy over time. In fact, content marketing produces 3x as many leads as paid search aids, per dollar spent.

5. Establish Long-Term Relationships with Consumers

Content marketing can help you build trust and establish a positive brand reputation, which in turn can help you grow your audience and generate more leads. But, what about those who have already purchased from you?

Did you know? A joint study by Manta and BIA/Kelsey shows that 61% of small and medium-sized businesses get half of their revenue from repeat customers. The study also shows that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. Further statistics show that on average, a loyal customer is worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase.

These statistics show how beneficial loyal customers are to your business. Therefore, if repeat sales make up a substantial portion of your business revenue, then you will need to find ways to strengthen your relationship with your existing customers. This is where content marketing can help.

Publishing great content must not stop after a lead becomes a customer. In fact, it becomes an essential tool to establish a long-term relationship with your existing customers. Relevant, valuable content can increase brand loyalty, encourage repeat sales, and help you establish brand advocates.  Focus on how-to videos and other informative contents that can provide your customers with more value. Remember, the more they get out of your services or products, they are more likely to return.

The Takeaway

With all of the benefits that content marketing can bring, the phrase “Content is king” starts to make a lot of sense. Not only does content marketing help you boost your SEO efforts, but it can also help enhance brand visibility, improve brand reputation, and it can help you build long-term relationships with your customers.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is important for you to use whatever strategy you can to stand out from your competitors. So, if you don’t have a content marketing strategy in place yet, it is time to get started. Don’t get left behind your competition.

Author’s Bio:

Louise Savoie Digital Marketer at Proweaver

I am Louise Savoie Digital Marketer at Proweaver, a web development company specializing in Custom Web Design which helps sole proprietors and small companies increase their sales and grow their business. I am responsible in Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. You can find us on
Twitter: @proweaver


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