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Common Labeling Errors and How To Avoid Them


Your Label Color Is Off

One common, frequently occurring error is when label’s color is inconsistent. It’s important for you to keep your colors as they need to be, especially for your brand. Many consumers recognize a product by the brand colors solely on the label. Make sure you’re using a quality color label printer from the start. This is also one of the important reasons to use label proofs. These will show you a sample of what the label will look like based on your current design. Proofs are a great way to check for color mistakes so you can go back to correct them before they’re printed.

The Images Are Blurry

Some things can result in blurry photos, such as poor quality or malfunctioning printers. A plate could be faulty or there could be file error, especially when using low resolutions. Make sure to keep your image’s resolution above 300 dots per inch. The less you use, the more pixelated an image will come out.

Choosing the Wrong Material for the Wrong Application

When you’re designing your label, think about what it’s going to be used for. Think about how to make it visually appealing, and how it’ll function. Some products will be in extreme outdoor conditions or even put in freezers, so if you choose a weak material for your label it’ll end up weak. If not coated properly, it may wrinkle, peal, or deteriorate. Consider what your product is and how it needs to be stored. This will make it easier to choose materials for your label.

Wrong or Missing Fonts

If you’re wondering about common labeling errors and how to avoid them, take the font into consideration. Fonts and type are commonly a target for mistakes. You must be careful of your chosen font and whether it’s properly installed in the receiver. Outline your fonts before sending the file. Also, make sure you use the fonts according to label regulations for the industry your product is a part of.


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