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Cloud Computing Salary: Trends and Predictions for 2022


Cloud computing is a tech buzzword you hear everywhere since most companies and businesses are migrating to the cloud or are encouraging their employees to use the cloud for business purposes. This astronomical growth in using cloud computing has led to a large number of job opportunities in the cloud computing industry. With such a large number of jobs, it’s worth exploring what exactly these jobs entail along with the salary expectations associated with each position.

Transforming businesses with the Cloud Platform

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate and provide a significant boost to productivity. With businesses shifting online, the demand for Cloud Computing professionals has grown significantly over the past few years, and it is expected to continue in the years to come.

Cloud computing constitutes various technologies like service-oriented architecture (SOA), software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS). Cloud computing is basically a model of providing hosted services over the internet. Several Cloud Computing job roles have emerged. Some are concerned with cloud computing architecture and design, while others involve creating applications using tools provided by the different cloud providers.

AWS and Azure are two of the mainstream cloud platforms on the market today that the majority of organizations use. The benefits of AWS certification or Azure Certification are numerous. Getting certified in these will definitely take your career to the next level.

Cloud Computing Job Salary Trends and Predictions

Cloud computing is on the rise and is transforming the way organizations conduct their business. This change is set to bring millions of new job positions that will help facilitate the transition from traditional software to cloud-based applications. Now, let us look into cloud computing job trends in 2022;

  1. Cloud Network Engineer
  2. Cloud Architect
  3. Cloud Security Analyst
  4. Cloud Automation Engineer
  5. Cloud Database Administrator
  6. Cloud Developer

Cloud Computing opens up a window of job opportunities for IT professionals. Here, let us take a look at some of the latest job trends and predictions to give you an idea of what to expect in the next few years.

1. Cloud Network Engineer

The cloud engineering field is one of the most rapidly growing and in-demand sectors of IT. Cloud engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining cloud-based systems and applications. Due to the complex nature of cloud infrastructure, cloud engineers must have a strong understanding of cloud computing, networking, and security.

As cloud technology becomes more ubiquitous, the demand for qualified cloud engineers will only continue to grow. Salaries for cloud engineers vary depending on experience and location, the average base salary for a cloud engineer in the United States is reported to be $130,000 per year. With such high demand and attractive salary potential, cloud engineering is an excellent career choice for those with the right skills and qualifications.

2. Cloud Architect

Cloud architects play a crucial role in designing and implementing cloud-based solutions. As the demand for cloud services continues to grow, so does the need for cloud architects.

A cloud architect is responsible for designing, deploying, and managing cloud-based systems. They must have a strong understanding of cloud technologies and how to integrate them into an organization’s existing infrastructure. A cloud architect typically has a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and many also have experience working in IT or as a system administrator.

The average salary for a cloud architect is $115,000 per year, although salaries can vary depending on experience and location. With the continued growth of cloud computing, the demand for cloud architects is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

3. Cloud Security Analyst

Cloud security analysts are responsible for securing cloud-based systems and data. They work with organizations to assess risks, implement controls, and monitor activity. Cloud security analysts must have strong technical skills and experience with cloud-based systems. They must also be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders of all levels.

Cloud security analyst Jobs and salaries are in high demand due to the increasing need for cloud security. The average salary for a cloud security analyst is $95,000 per year. The job market for cloud security analysts is expected to grow by 31% in the next 10 years.

4. Cloud Automation Engineer

Cloud Automation Engineer job responsibilities include provisioning, installing, configuring, and maintaining cloud environments. Cloud Automation Engineers work with Cloud Architects to design and implement clouds that are composed of multiple Cloud resources. They also work with Cloud Developers to automate the creation of Cloud resources, and they work with Cloud Operations to automate the tasks associated with maintaining those resources.

Cloud Automation Engineers typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and they should be proficient in both Linux and Windows operating systems. The median salary for a Cloud Automation Engineer is $141,000 per year.

5. Cloud Database Administration

Cloud Database Administration is responsible for the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of cloud-based databases. They work with Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers to ensure that the database system meets all performance, availability, security, and compliance requirements. Cloud Database Administrators also troubleshoot and resolve issues with cloud-based databases. The average salary for a Cloud Database Administrator is $122,000 per year.

6. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are responsible for developing cloud-based applications and overseeing the cloud infrastructure for their organization. They work with cloud architects to design cloud solutions that meet the needs of the business, and they collaborate with DevOps teams to deploy and manage cloud-based applications.

Cloud developers also work with cloud providers to select the right cloud services for their organization and ensure that the cloud infrastructure is able to support the applications. In addition, cloud developers are responsible for monitoring cloud-based applications and troubleshooting any issues that arise. The average salary for a cloud developer is $120,000 per year.

To Conclude

There are currently over 1 million cloud computing jobs worldwide, and this number is only expected to grow in the coming years. A large part of this growth will be driven by businesses migrating their operations to the cloud. It’s estimated that 80% of all businesses will be using cloud services by 2021.

It is clear that cloud computing is in high demand, which means skilled workers are needed for this service. As cloud services continue to grow in popularity, these salaries are likely to rise in the coming years as well. If you are considering a career in cloud computing, now is the time to make your move. With the right skills and experience, you can earn a competitive salary and enjoy a stable career in this rapidly growing field.


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