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Greater Surveillance Measures to Track COVID-19

Greater Surveillance Measures to Track COVID-19 "It has been months since countries started fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. This is the first global health crisis that...

Coronavirus latest update, CoronaVirus No. of Cases, Covid-19 cases by country, COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

Coronavirus latest update, CoronaVirus No. of Cases, Covid-19 cases by country, COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC Top 20 Countries affected by Coronavirus Country, Total Total Total Active Serious, 1st Other Cases Deaths Recovered Cases Critical case World 721,273 33,942 151,004 536,327 26,789 10-Jan USA141,7812,4714,435134,8752,97020-JanItaly97,68910,77913,03073,8803,90629-JanChina81,4393,30075,4482,69174210-JanSpain80,1106,80314,70958,5984,16530-JanGermany62,0955339,21152,3511,97926-JanFrance40,1742,6067,20230,3664,63223-JanIran38,3092,64012,39123,2783,20618-FebUK19,5221,22813518,15916330-JanSwitzerland14,8293001,59512,93430124-FebNetherlands10,8667712509,84597226-FebBelgium10,8364311,3599,0468673-FebS. Korea9,5831525,0334,3985919-JanTurkey9,2171311058,9815689-MarAustria8,788864798,22318724-FebCanada6,280655735,64212024-JanPortugal5,962119435,800891-MarNorway4,2842574,2529125-FebBrazil4,25613664,11429624-FebIsrael4,247151324,1007420-FebAustralia4,163172263,9202824-JanSweden3,700110163,57425530-JanCzechia2,81716112,7904529-FebIreland2,6154652,5645928-FebMalaysia2,470353882,0477324-JanDenmark2,3957212,32211326-Feb

Top 10 Foot Massage Techniques in 2020

Foot Massage is essential after a long tiring and stressful day. This is what you need to relax your mind, body, and soul. It...

The Great Invention of Beauty Nail Color

The invention of nail polish turned hands from functional body parts to gem like ornaments to show off. Nail polish as we realize it...

Virtual Reality Sets Foot In The Healthcare Industry

The advent of virtual reality has enhanced the standard of various sectors. Those problems that were seemingly hard to solve earlier, are now being...

Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) Causes symptoms and treatment

Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) is not a psychiatric disorder but is known as a neurological ailment that consists of behavioral patterns. Earlier the...

Best Workout Apps For Android & iOS In 2019

Exercise is the best habit for anyone at any age. If you are doing regular workout, then it means that your body has grown...

The Next Big Thing in Signs Of Depression

Being unhappy is nā€™t the same as being depressed. Depression is a term often used loosely to express how we feel after a bad...

Top 10 Specification of Polypropylene Storage Cabinet

Scientific lab needs the best quality products. Different labs have types of requirement. Meeting those requirements is a must. Designers of the lab nowadays...

List of 190+ blogs and websites that accept Guest Posts

List of 190+ popular guest posting websites that accept Guest Posts in Year 2022 (Updated) PS: We apply better updates to the list regularly, adding/...
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