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Business Meetings and Coronavirus – What Options do you have?


The coronavirus tragedy has hit every human in a different way. It seems like a business owner’s worst nightmare coming true.

The threat of this virus will diminish only when more people become immune to it. Until that time, governments are imposing strict lockdowns of all affairs.

Business Meetings and Coronavirus


If your business operations are halted due to a curfew or lockdown, do not let this situation stop work. More and more people are making it work by staying in the security of their homes. Business meetings that used to be held in top-notch settings have changed in nature.

Avoiding large gatherings 

Mass gatherings and significant events are being postponed or canceled until further notice. Unless you are in the healthcare or any relevant industry, your in-person meetings must happen under strict check and balance. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a great guide about mass gatherings and how to deal with them from all points of view.

Business meetings are not a once-a-month affair. A survey concluded that people spend a lot of time in meetings. Executives and employees can spend up to 20 hours of attending meetings. Moreover, people are either multitasking or wasting their time in unproductive tasks during long sessions. This helps us figure out which meetings are wastes of time and which ones are important to continue even during the lockdown.

Taking a pick

A worldwide pandemic gives you the liberty to choose which meetings you need to attend. If you are usually a listener in a meeting, you can request to opt out of it the next time. Ensure that attending a meeting either in person or online is necessary for your work and then make a decision.

Once you know which meetings are essential, it is time to strategize. This goes for both team leads and employees. Make sure that your notes are updated, all slides are prepared, and things are going to roll from the moment a meeting begins. These measures will save precious time for those who are caregivers to the sick or facing some other situation at home.

So, what options do you have to resume essential business meetings?

In-person Meetings

While some businesses can efficiently operate from homes during the lockdown, others cannot function that way. If in-person meetings are absolutely necessary, then you must look towards your state’s healthcare guide to avoid any mishaps.

Common tips include maintaining a six feet distance between two individuals, not touching anything with bare hands, and wearing a mask and gloves. Avoid eating out and sharing meals with coworkers during these personal meetings.

In physical meetings, structure the room to seat people at a distance, have ample room for all participants, and have everything prepared to minimize time wastage. Phone conference calls are the next best alternative to personal meetings. Your cellular service provider can provide a conference call feature, or you can try messaging and VoIP calling apps for this purpose.

Virtual Meetings

A team huddle at the beginning of the day or a critical report that must be shared with executives has to happen in a meeting. Virtual meetings are becoming the new norm now, and people are opting for video conferencing software to hold large meetings.

Video conferencing software are ample in number and features. Be it the simple tech of your WhatsApp or any other specific application, there are so many options available for your type of work. People share screens during these calls as well, which is a feature not present in most software.

Live Streams

Then there are live streams of a meeting that does not involve a dialogue between you and your teammates. Social media applications have made it so easy to understand life team technology and its use in daily life. Every other celebrity is holding a live stream session during lockdown to connect with fans and have some fun.

However, the nature of a corporate video stream is different than a casual chit shat session. Be it a client pitch or a business conference via live stream, and one needs to make sure that there is no room for error. That is why it is recommended to hold a test run of your session before showtime.

Online Events

Coronavirus has done what we thought only happened in the movies.

Most major sporting championships are postponed, and many significant events are canceled. Be it a Cherry Blossom Festival or the Game Developers Conference, organizers have adhered to safety rules and opted to wait.

If your business was holding an important event, the first suggestion is to cancel or postpone it. In this waiting period, you can think of better strategies to have a more robust event once operations resume.

If it is crucial to hold the event, take it online with the help of technology. Mobile applications and online meeting software can help you accomplish this task. Use tools like chat boxes polls, and AI to make your online event more engaging.

Bottom line

The world is facing a new way of working, and the business world is no different.

Precautions and safety measures are overshadowing every possibility of team meetings and anticipated events.

As a business, you can help by anticipating which gatherings qualify as essential and which don’t. Educate your employees about precautionary measures so they can be healthy and contribute to the business. We hope our tips make these decisions easy for you!

Author’s bio:

Andrea Bell - blogger by choice

Andrea Bell is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on Twitter:@IM_AndreaBell


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