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How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Work From Home


Stay Fit and Healthy During Work From Home

Covid-19 pandemic made work from home a common feature globally. With the prolonged lockdown, many big and small organizations decided to make work from home a regular feature of their work culture. So even after the pandemic, we are going to witness a large section of people doing permanent job not in the office but from their homes.

Working from home comes with a lot health benefits, like you don’t travel to reach your office so you get an average 1-2 hour of your time saved; you are not outside so you are not breathing polluted air; you are more in control of your schedule, and you have a good chance to focus on healthy eating habits or eat home cooked foods.

There are so many advantages of being at home; however, there are equal chances of turning lazy while working from home. And, if you are in the second category of people believe me you are not alone. This is a common problem of people working from home. People who have been usually keeping themselves fit, going to the gym, doing exercise; turned lazy when they started working from home. People just stopped taking care of their body, and started watching their favorite videos after the workday is done. This was one of the reasons behind the huge growth in demand of OTT services like Netflix and Amazon prime video in 2020.

Now as many people have gained weight and going to community gyms, walk outside, and other outdoor physical activities are still not advisable, they are wondering how to keep fit while at home. Here are a few tips! Just follow them regularly and you’re a step closer to achieving health and fitness goals during Covid-19 self quarantine, home-stays and work from home!

Start Your Day with Sunshine

Rise up early, do some easy Yoga steps, take healthy breakfast and keep yourself in positive frame of mind. This will help you in making a good start towards a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthy, Avoid Packaged Fast Foods, and Add Low Carb Foods to Your Diet

You must stop consuming ‘bad foods’. By bad foods, I mean unhealthy foods that may be tasty or your favorite, but you have to make a choice – it’s your health or the ‘bad food’.

Fruits and green vegetables are natural sources of all the nutrients that body requires to keep healthy. It’s better to consume fresh fruits and vegetables than taking multivitamins.

Why Low Carb Foods?

Low carb diets help you shed excess weight; improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. These foods are recommended if you are gaining weight or want to control your weight naturally.  

Low carb foods from WiO Diet are one of the most effective daily low carb foods available in the market which are delicious and offers all essential nutrients along with advantage of weight loss to enjoy a healthy lifestyle .


Physical movement is one of the first requirements for a shift towards fit and healthy life. Do some moderate workout exercises with the goal of a healthy and active lifestyle in mind.

If you are used to going gym and currently can’t go or avoiding, then you may opt for easy home workout exercises like planks, squats, lunges, etc. You may climb stairs or even consider morning or evening walks inside room or on the terrace to start with.

You can buy dumbbells, and work out with them for 30-40 minutes a day. They are easily available online today – learn more 

Good sleep

Go to bed early and take proper sleep of 6-8 hours at night. There is nothing better than getting a good sound sleep to stay healthy and fit. As you are at home, you may not feel as much tired as when you were travelling to office, still you need to take proper sleep.

Take Care Of Your Elderly At Home

This pandemic has badly affected the senior people in society. These people are more connected with people of their age and they provide emotional support to each other.

Elderly people are highly advised to stay at home due to their increased chances of infection and mortality with Covid-19. This has caused more emotional stress on them. Young family members need to spend more time with them. You can also take help of professional senior care services.

For example, senior care services from Spectrum Healthcare have developed a unique way to solve this loneliness problem of elders in Covid-19. Their ‘Senior Companions’ assist seniors in living happier, more independent lives by providing outstanding senior personal care.

You may wonder why this is so important. If someone in our family is not well it directly impacts our mental wellness. Elderly people need 24-hour attention even if they can perform their personal duties. They need companions just to share their feelings. And, we are generally so much busy in our own works that we can’t be available for them continuously. That’s why this is important and we must do it first.     

It’s never too late to work towards being healthy and caring!

Start now!


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