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Building the best PC for 3D Animation [2021 Guide]


Building the best PC for 3D Animation

Building an excellent Animation Computer requires some Hardware Hardware and a little understanding of the internal functionality of 2D & 3D Software and how they use Hardware.

Browsing new pc parts is always a lot of fun and in this article, you can find a couple of things that will make that process easier and more interesting!

Things to Consider

You’ve seen our quick overview of our five favorite 3D animation computers, but we’re willing to bet that your questionnaire isn’t too short yet. For that reason, before we talk about our recommendations, we want to address the common concerns.

What are the most important parts?

As mentioned above, 3D images are among the most expensive things your PC can do. The most popular software takes less power to operate, and your computer will be more stressed under the pressure of heavy projects.

Since 3D animation is highly dependent on the CPU, your processor will be the most important part of the whole build. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to identify something with multiple cores. Instead, consider choosing a model with a powerful CPU that has a high clock speed and can be exceeded.

The second thing you should look for is a drawing card. If the workload is heavier, upgrade the GPU – that’s the general rule. It is also good to aim for at least 6GB of memory card. Since you are likely to make GPU offerings and not just CPU offerings, your computer needs to be robust in both systems.

Some things to consider include:

RAM – while you can do nothing with 8GB and you’ll be comfortable with 16GB, it won’t hurt to have more.

Storage – most current PCs accompany an SSD, and we strongly suggest one. SSDs help your computer run faster and save time over time.

Cooling – since 3D animation is a constant stress test of sorts, basic cooling is probably not good enough. We looked at that and included only models that offer excellent cooling capabilities.

Not everyone knows that 3D images are actually divided into two types: CPU rendering, processor utilization, and GPU rendering, which prioritizes the graphics card. The big difference is that part of your PC will be heavily used.

Most 3D software today and at this time is focused on CPU delivery, so we stand by the idea that your processor will play a key role in the performance of your entire PC. CPU allocation can handle complex tasks and there is a lot of memory to use, so this is usually a good thing.

Before settling into a given PC, be sure to check which type of donation you will be making the most. However, desktops on our list all have good CPUs and graphics cards, so it will suffice no matter what kind of 3D animation.

What Budget Should I Target?

We know that choosing the right budget is one of the first things you will do when it comes time to buy a PC. That is why, when compiling this list, we have made sure to cover all the foundations and include a budget option.

We can’t lie – computers ready for 3D animation aren’t cheap in the market, but that doesn’t mean they should be expensive. Only you can know your needs fully, but to help you make up your mind, we have prepared a set of budget guidelines. Look and choose what you are happy to do!

Low-quality 3D animation PC – £ 600-1100

Mid-range PC 3D animation (CPU) – £ 1000-1500

Mid-range PC 3D animation (GPU) – £ 900-1500

Top 3D PC PC – £ 1500-2500

While some of the more expensive models will cost more than $ 3000, you may feel like you can’t get good results with budget construction. According to our examination,

we were able to select computers that offer a mix of the best features included with an acceptable price tag.

I recommend the best PC for Animation 3d

Intel i9 9900 – Custom Coffee Lake PC – £ 5,299

General Specifications

  • Elite PC Cases selection
  • 2 x 120mm Standard Case fans
  • Intel Core i9 9900 Lake Cache (8 Core, 3.1GHz, 16MB Cache) CPU
  • Intel H310 Chipset DDR4 USB 3.0 M-ATX Motherboard
  • 32GB DDR4 LPX 2133MHz Ram
  • GDDR6X Gaming PCI Express Graphics Card
  • 960GB 2x Instant NVME SSD
  • 6000GB SATA III Hard Drive
  • Standard network card of 11n TXps Wireless PCIe
  • Blu Ray Reader / DVD +/- Rewrite
  • Ports of 2 Front + 4 Back
  • Original Windows 10 Professional (64bit Version) With Original CD
  • Integrated Audio Card 7.1
  • Standard Heatsink fan and CPU
  • 1000W 80 PLUS Modular 8 x PCI-E PSU
  • 2 years back to basics (1 yr. Parts & Personnel, 2nd yr. Labor) warranty.

Intel 8600K Six-Core – Quadro Operating Center – £ 3,599

General Specifications

  • 2 x 120mm Standard Case fans
  • Intel Core i5 Coffee Lake (6 Core, 3.7GHz, 9MB Cache) CPU
  • Standard Heatsink fan and CPU
  • Intel H310 Chipset DDR4 USB 3.0 M-ATX Motherboard
  • 5GB NVIDIA Quadro P2000, I-D SL Adpt PCI Express Graphics Card
  • 32GB DDR4 LPX 2133MHz Ram
  • 2000GB SATA III Hard Drive
  • 240GB 2x Instant NVME SSD
  • Blu Ray Writer and DVD +/- Rewriter
  • 24x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter
  • Standard network card of 11n TXps Wireless PCIe
  • Multiformat card reader with USB Port
  • 1 integrated sound card
  • Ports of 2 Front + 4 Back
  • Original Windows 10 Professional (64bit Version) With Original CD
  • Peace Modular Cooler Master 1000W 135mm Fan PSU
  • 2 years back to basic (1 yr. Parts & Personnel, 2nd yr. Labor) Warranty.

Choose animation as the main purpose of using a computer and adjusting your budget to create a complete Animation PC with component recommendations that will fit your budget.


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