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Best Tips to Get Started as a Concept Artist or Illustrator


Think about your favourite video game or movie, one that features otherworldly creatures, unique characters, futuristic technologies, etc.

Have you ever thought about who imagines and creates these elements? Well, that’s the role of a Concept Artist.

What is Concept Art?

Concept Art falls between the initial idea and the final product with respect to an animated movie or video game. A Concept Artist takes that initial idea to create designs and add them in place of the elements in the project.

For instance, the weapons, characters, vehicles, buildings, and so forth.

Concept Art is not limited to movies and video games, as it’s also required in the Space Industry, Automobile Industry, Theme Parks, Animation Purposes, etc.

Concept Artists focus on the artistic visuals of the elements required for further development in the project pipeline, and they resolve any problems that other team members may encounter during the production phase.

Besides that, they also help understand better how the elements look from every possible angle.

Now that you have a proper understanding of the term, here are a few tips that can help you get started as a Concept Artist or Illustrator.

Pursue A Concept Art Course

Once you have graduated, it would be a wise choice to obtain a certification in Concept Art. Approaching an educational institution (Mages Institute) can help open several opportunities by demonstrating the relevant skills required by organizations to hire their next candidate.

Practice Regularly

While maintaining an active lifestyle is important, practicing is too. The more you practice, the better your creative skills will improve. It doesn’t only refer to what you do between classes because you can always approach the outdoors and create the elements you visually capture.

Create A Portfolio

The quality of your work is vital for future employment. You can create an online portfolio to showcase your taste and design skills.

It’s wise to include a caption for every piece so that the employers know what led up to the illustrations. Besides that, you can also mention any awards you’ve possibly won or the certifications you’ve achieved as an artist, as it spotlights the creativity within you.

Build A Professional Network

There are higher chances of landing a job as a Concept Artist if more people are in your professional network. You can consider connecting with the other artists on Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and especially Art Station) by sending them a request or following them back.

It helps you keep track of future art-related events held by organizations that individuals can attend to connect with those who work within the industry. It’s an excellent way to make a name of your own if you have natural talent.

Experience Counts

To be considered for a job as a Concept Artist, you may need experience. That’s where schools like Mages Institute come in handy to build your hands-on experience in a studio-type environment.

Apply For Jobs

Once you have a good portfolio and hands-on experience, you can start applying for jobs as a skilled Concept Artist. Yes, you might end up at an entry-level position with your preferred organization, but with time, they’ll recognize the talent within you, and who knows, someday it might be ‘you’ hiring somebody else.

Additional Information

It’s worth noting that an educational qualification can also help you in visa purposes, and even though visas don’t provide an advantage, they can still open doors to more countries.

Besides that,

  • A high school diploma or equivalent can give you an advantage over the other candidates when applying for an entry-level position.
  • A bachelor’s degree can provide hands-on learning opportunities and help you grow your connections to land a job quickly.

Final Thoughts

Building an artistic vision for video games, movies, or other projects is a unique and exciting experience. Imagine ‘your’ initial idea put together to form a resulting product viewed and loved by millions worldwide.

What happier moment could there be?

Mages Institute can offer you that very happiness through its Concept Art Program that can be joined by individuals interested in art and seeking a future as successful Concept Artists.


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