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Best Designer Jewelry Collection For Women


Best Designer Jewelry Collection For Women

There cannot be anything better to give your women than designer jewelry. The craze of jewelry remains forever in the heart of every woman. Back in time, people wore simple and elegant jewelry, but people shifted to modern and stylish jewelry from the antique one as time passed. These days, designer jewelry is also associated with the status symbol. For instance, people consider it a status symbol if they wear designer jewelry from a renowned designer. You must have heard the famous saying- fashions fade, but style remains eternal. It means that the fashion sense of people may change with time, but their style remains forever.

You need to know that some things never run out of style, no matter what, and one such thing is your jewelry box full of timeless and eternal pieces. Besides this, there have also been such designer jewelry pieces that have crossed the boundaries of time and became the status symbols. Your designer jewelry collection should be looking like the art pieces and beautiful at the same time. Have a look at some of the designer jewelry pieces that will for sure pass the test of time and will last forever.

Designer jewelry pieces

Every woman desires a stunning collection of designer jewelry for herself, but it is not an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work, research, and investment to have an outstanding jewelry collection. You need to learn about some of the famous jewelry brands that assure you quality jewelry. It doesn’t matter how large or little your jewelry collection is. What matters is the classic jewelry pieces. Here’s the list of the designer jewelry collection pieces that every woman should own:

Love bangle

One of the most searched pieces of jewelry online is love bangle. This is so because it is an iconic and easy to wear jewelry piece. Besides this, it has an underlying romantic message for your loved one, which is perfect for letting them know about your feelings. It is a kind of modern handcuff for both men and women, and most probably, it comes in an oval shape, which makes it close to the skin. It depicts the permanence of true love by holding you from your wrist with tiny screws attached to it. The bracelet has been in existence for quite a long but enjoys the same popularity even today.

Open heart pendant

The open heart pendant is a stylish and modern jewelry piece to own for every woman out there. Even after so much time, it still appears classy and relevant. It consists of a sleek, streamlined heart with an open center in between. You can wear it individually or club it with other gold jewelry available with you. No doubt, it is the best thing to gift your loved ones on some special occasions. This open heart pendant will melt her heart right away and will make her fall in love with you.

The Chanel pearls

Pearls are the best way to express your love and that too with style. They have such a poise in them that they add instant polish to any outfit. It is normally said that a woman should have ropes and ropes of pearls with her. You can make the signature look by wearing pearls on some special occasion. There is no doubt in this that pearls bring a touch of time and luminosity to your face. Also, have pearl drop earrings along with the pearls necklace. This is for sure going to make people’s heads turn. Apart from this, your jewelry collection also appears a bit luxurious if you have pearls in your jewelry box.

Alhambra necklace

You are bound to get a traditional look if you wear an Alhambra necklace. There are also some precious gems in it like coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and malachite. Recently it got design twists with new stones and many more things. It is perfect if you want to add a little luster to your daytime look. Also, it gives you a classy look.

Beer diamond stud earrings

Have you ever thought about combining black dresses paired with the classic beer-shaped diamond studs? If no, you need to because it will be the best to create a statement appearance. It is stylish and can elevate any look. They will add instant polish, be it denim, workday outfit, or some other outfit.

Diamond tennis bracelet

It didn’t get a great start but rose to fame of a sudden with its sleek look. There is a row of diamonds in this bracelet, and also it creates a chic look when worn with a cocktail dress or jeans. Along with the bracelet, a small tennis ball charm is attached to it due to its origins.

Serpent watch

Back in time, there was a trend of serpent watches. No doubt that serpent watches impart sensual appeal. These are snake-like watches. It’s been so long that it is regarded as the most iconic designer piece ever. Recently some modifications have been made, which include a diamond-set bracelet influenced by an archive design.

Cuff bracelet

The cuff bracelet has been introduced by the designer named Piaget. He has produced sensual, tactile, and beautiful gold jewelry with precious gemstones like malachite, opal, and lapis to complement its watches. It is a type of adjustable gold bangle that brings about a touch of warmth to whatever you wear.

Tank watch

The tank watch is sleek in its design and goes with nearly every outfit. Almost all style icons own this as it depicts the luxury statement.

Cluster earrings

Cluster earrings consist of pear and marquise cut diamonds and remain an excellent piece to date. It has an intense sparkle in it, and many celebrities have been known to own this piece of jewelry in their jewelry box.

Diamond studs

Be it any diamond earrings like studs, all can add sparkle to your outfit and look whenever you need a formal or special type of jewelry. These are classic choices for any occasion and add a touch of sophistication to your look.

Chain necklace

Next in the list, we have the chain necklace. You can wear these every day or on some special occasion as this timeless piece goes with every outfit. You may choose a thick or thin chain depending upon your style. Make sure to notice the length of the chain when wearing it.


If your jewelry collection comprises this, it will surely make the moment for you forever.

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