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Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feeds On Website


Embedding Instagram feeds on your website

Instagram is an amazingly designed social media platform that has been constantly evolving.

It’s amazing filters, stories, IGTV, geo-tagging, colorful image galleries, so many features like these make it nothing less than addictive.

The marketing potential it holds is not a hidden secret anymore. Marketers have been constantly utilizing Instagram for their marketing obligations.

In that direction, embedding Instagram feeds on your official website can be a really smart move to grow your business.

This article is all about that. We will discuss the fruitful benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

Reasons Why You Should Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Instagram helps you market your business not just on Instagram itself, but also on other platforms.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website is one of those ways.

Below are mentioned some reasons why you should embed Instagram feeds on your websites.

Come, let’s have a look at each.

1. Allows Brands To Leverage Their Social Influence

Instagram is a major social media platform with heavy traffic volume of unique monthly visitors.

It helps to gap the growing distance between the customers and the brands. With it’s direct messaging feature, brands and customers are just a few clicks apart.

Similarly, you can utilize Instagram to leverage it’s marketing potential even for your official websites.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website allows you to drive the impact of your social influence on your website.

This helps you to integrate your social media presence (Instagram) with the digital presence (website) on the internet.

It helps you create a uniform online presence wherever your customers try to find you. This further builds up social trust.

2. Improves Website’s Visual Appeal

Instagram is one of the most visually appealing social media platforms that there is.

Imagine the wonders it will do to your boring website interface if you embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website makes it attractive, more engaging, and dynamic. It adds color and vibrancy to your website.

On top of that, there are many social media aggregator tools in the market that give you amazing customization to optimize your Instagram feeds and embed them beautifully on your website.

Instagram - major social media platform with heavy traffic volume
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

3. Displays User-Generated Content

User-generated content is loved by everyone. Be it users, marketers or the brand itself. Everyone loves interacting with user-generated content.

Embedding user-generated content on websites presents social proof to your audience which further enhances your authenticity factor and grows your brand credibility.

It helps you to display user-experience through Instagram images and videos which are really interactive.

Real-time Instagram images help you add dynamic, original, and real content to your website which helps to enhance it’s relevancy too.

4. Boosts User Engagement

As users love UGC, hence they engage more with it. They click, browse, and explore your website to search for more relevant content.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website allows your users to interact with your brand with their own Instagram profiles, that too, without leaving your website. It compels the users to scroll down the Instagram feeds.

When other users see their fellow user’s post being displayed on your website, then even they are compelled to post similar brand content online using your dedicated hashtags. This boosts both user engagement and interaction.

Instagram - Boosts User Engagement

5. Expands Your Customer Base

When you integrate your social media presence with your digital presence, it also integrates your respective follower base.

When you embed Instagram feeds on your website, then you bring your Instagram following to your website which can be easily influenced to convert into your permanent customers.

Integrating your Instagram feeds on your website helps you maximize your touchpoints with the customers which further enhances their loyalty in your brand, thus, increasing your customer base.

6. Improves Website’s Metrics

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website helps you improve your website’s performance metrics.

When users engage with your Instagram feeds, they tend to stay longer on your website and visit various webpages in order to explore it more.

This helps to increase the dwell-time of your website visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

Also, displaying user-generated content on your website helps to grow social trust, improve your buyer’s purchase journey, thereby, increasing your conversion rates.

Hence, the overall performance of the website is improved.

7. Helps You Grow Your Business

If you are an e-commerce business, then there could be nothing smarter than Instagram feeds on your e-commerce website.

You get to enhance the visual appeal, thereby beautifully presenting the products you intend to sell.

Also, displaying user-generated content allows you to present social proof that builds customer trust, help them make their purchase decision in your favor, grow your conversion rates, revenues, and business.

Instagram feeds on your website

Over To You

Instagram has immense marketing potential. This is the right time to utilize that potential for growing your business.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your websites is a really smart approach to do so. Try it once and experience the fruitful benefits it delivers.


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