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AI-powered content marketing to help your company grow


Companies are taking content marketing seriously. It is not limited to only blogs and articles these days. With the advancement of technology and generation, people, especially content readers, are divided into small groups. Some people love to watch videos, some likes to read whitepapers and case studies, and some prefer company blogs. Therefore, companies are finding challenges in scaling up the marketing operation of content. 

Two ways to channel AI in content marketing

Internal AI processes are a long-term process, and when content marketing becomes strategic to the business, you must want a solution that helps internally. It will help create a competitive edge that will process in the long run.

Play and play tools- many apps use AI technology to make the business effective and offer the best campaigns. If you are an ecommerce business and want to integrate AI, then hire ecommerce developer India and make an app that will work with the help of AI.

What is an AI content market strategy?

A new range of content like e-books and podcasts are coming up, and to match these trends, companies are using AI content marketing concept to produce content in bulk. It helps in the creation of content that will retain the target audiences. It is a technique that will incorporate the customers who will come to the brand, services and products. The marketers are here to start with optimization till the automation of the process, and in this process, AI becomes handy. If you are planning for content marketing, then let me tell you that it is a time-consuming process. The steps are like:

  • Create buying persona for readers
  • Study the problems they face
  • Produce content for them to know and solve through it
  • Push them strategically through the business funnel 

To follow all the above steps, you use AI to cut down the resources and even increase efficiency. 

AI role in content marketing strategy

  • Identify intent of keyword- Google Algorithm is continuously changing. It keeps close attention to what customers search for and what they want. Therefore, creating content is the focus of user intention. The analysis of AI intent makes the content game up. It thereby enhances the online ranking. AI Tools for content like MarketMuse, BrightEdge, and Concurred help search for user intent and help in topic research.
  • Create targeted content- personalized content is the topmost priority for all the marketers of content. People love to read personalized content. It influences the content that will impact the inspiration of the customers positively. For creativity, offering tailor-made content is the top priority. 
  • Helps in topic inspiration- content marketers start a blog to let the world know about the business. But sometimes, they find it hard to get inspiration on the topics, which becomes the challenge to produce engaging content. AI helps to find competitive and engaging content for the better good.
  • Next-level content analytics- with the help of predictive analytics, it uses data mining that checks trends and patterns. It will model out the future outcomes that will crawl the site, and it will recommend the content to form whitepapers, videos, blog posts and even case studies. It makes the work systematic and approachable. 
  • Content automation will help find out the content effectiveness, and that will suggest alternative content that will align with the tone and voice and give a sentimental impact. It creates content variation with user personas, ensuring they offer a digital experience. Even copyediting helps professional writers.

Implementation of AI in content marketing

Before the proper implementation, you need to use certain resources, which are useful only when you follow the same.

  1. Customer Data- First, accumulate all the data and include the behavioral approach. It helps you understand the customer approach and pattern. You can first make the dummy test with AI, and it will give you better content marketing ideas that will be helpful for content marketing strategy. 
  2. Performance data of campaign- collect all the decipherable data on the past campaign and break it down with timeline, posts and budgets. It would help if you focused on the paid campaigns. It helps you create the performance of organic content marketing and even helps in campaigns advertising digital campaigns. 
  3. Performance data of content- check the past raw data of the content of the past years. You can analyze the algorithm of AI, which will perform a better comparative analysis of the old and new content. 
  4. Industry perspective- it is better that you find data related to the buyers of average with lifetime customers value. It will help you get engagement metrics. These data will help you get the AI-powered campaign and evaluate the result. 

Future of AI in content marketing

The future of AI in content marketing will help develop high-quality content. It is not an easy undertaking. The back-end development companies there to help, and it will become the game-changer. It will speed up the process of content creation, and even the personalized content will have everything in place. The influence of this AI technology will change the game of content, and it will make it a robust feature. You need to fuel up the content strategy, and you must keep yourself ahead of the global market curve. If you are a business owner, introduce AI content marketing concept and this will bring a definite result in the coming years.

Author Bio

Prashant Pujara -founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies

Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., top Flutter App Development Company where you can hire full stack programmers india for your business. He is in charge of the company’s commercial and delivery operations and strategic planning and strategy.


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