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NBN stands for Natural Broadband Network. NBN batteries are a rechargeable backup power supply which can be used in place of the main supply if the power runs out or due to load shedding. NBN battery also aids to keep phone services active in case of any power outage. In some places services that are provided are critical and need continuous network connections. Due to such reasons, it is preferable to use NBN batteries.

NBN batteries come with a warranty of 12 months as mentioned by EnerSys Australia, but they usually last for even up to five years if properly maintained and utilized.


There are many benefits to using NBN batteries such as it being a backup not only for phones and internet, but also for the modems and routers. Also, these batteries have the feature to automatically get switched on as a backup supply whenever the power goes out.

No manual shifting is needed to specially convert the system from local power supply to NBN batteries. This helps your setups to stay online without any gap or pause in availability. Aside from big companies, they can also be used at homes to be free of hassle if a power loss occurs while streaming television or just to keep the Wi-Fi and routers up to keep the mobiles connected.

Also, these battery backups almost last for five continuous hours, which is an ample average for sustaining a network in a power outage situation. According to statistics, the maximum power outage time in Australia was forty-nine minutes.

Countries having this average up to three hours can also benefit from these batteries. Also, most of the NBN batteries turn off after reaching 40% of their charge, which helps in preventing the unnecessary damage and running the batteries for a long period.


To check the condition of a battery or to check the amount of usage done, most batteries come with a little indicator system that informs the user about the health of batteries, which includes an indicator to inform when the batteries have been activated, and it also includes a pointer to inform the user about when the batteries need replacement.

An amazing plus point for using them is a cost-effective, budget friendly rate of NBN batteries. They are very much like car batteries. But can also be known as their mini version. NBN batteries are 100% recyclable. Therefore, unlike other batteries, a person does not need to be worried about their disposal. There are designated recycle centers for them too.



To remove the battery, the user must turn off the main power supply of the NBN supply unit. Then unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Open the front portion to access the battery. Then disconnect the positive end from the battery and push the tabs on and under the battery outwards to remove it. Now, disconnect the negative end to finish the connection.


Then, for new battery installation, connect the negative terminal to the battery (new one) and then push the tabs (above and below) to place the battery in the main unit. Now connect the positive terminal to the new battery and an important point to keep in mind is to make sure that no wires are strained by any component of the unit.

Then proceed to cover and insert the power supply again into the electrical outlet and turn it on. Once the power circulates normally, give it up to 10 minutes to reboot and it will be up and about in almost 24 hours. Hence, NBN batteries are a good option for securing the network availability and assuring the provision of power supply to essential units.


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