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Advancement Of WhatsApp Messaging To Ease Our Tech-life


Technology in the 21st century has been rapidly getting advanced. We are introduced to a new gadget or software every day. Today we live in a world that runs on technology.

Cellular phones were a basic need of an individual’s daily life by the late 1990s, and since then it has been our best friend, People communicate with friends, family or office through this technical gadget. It could make a person less productive, But as we look back into our history of technology, the means of communication had never been this easy and secure.


WhatsApp Messenger was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo.

This messaging application has been helping us in every possible way. For example, – we could crack a business deal with our clients over WhatsApp as it promises end-to-end encryption, which means the conversation cannot be read by anyone else in between. This app also gives us the pleasure of video calling or voice calling with our family members or friends overseas without any discomfort. The application does not demand a reliable internet connection. It works perfectly with a good connection as it automatically runs a data saver within itself.

In 2019 WhatsApp was ranked as no.1 for being the most used messenger application all over the world. Business people, Employees, and Teachers, all these field workers provide information through WhatsApp groups as with its help, they can pass the information to more than 100 people at a time.

Whatsapp also gives an option for big industries to gain a business tag for their company, as this could help them to have elite superiority.


I feel like some features should be added to WhatsApp for creating a better messaging service for all of us.


Usually, when you upgrade your device, and you install WhatsApp.The account login on that device will automatically log you out from the previous method. This is due to security reasons, but a person could be running out of battery on-road, and an important document has to be received over WhatsApp. In this situation, one might want to have their WhatsApp logged into another device as well, which could be carried along for an emergency.


When a person receives a text message, double tick marks are shown at the bottom of the text, and after it is read by the receiver, the tick marks change to a blue color, which is considered as reading receipts. 

WhatsApp provides the user to hide or show their text message read receipts, But the feature could be used to protect the information from all your contacts or none at all.

To improvise the service, this feature could be upgraded to customize the list of contacts with whom you could share or hide the read receipt information. This could be a useful security measure for strangers.


The new generation of smartphones offers a smart feature within their typing keyboards. It allows itself to search for a perfect match of an emoticon to the word typed and gives you an option to replace the name with the icon. For example – when I type ‘Pizza’ as text, a dialogue box will show me an image that represents pizza. 

Then I could replace the book with the vision to make the book more interesting, and anyone could identify it without reading. Whatsapp could use the same feature and help everyone to use it as a lot of people do not have access to this emoticon recognition feature yet in their smartphones. Also, one can upload amazing Whatsapp status and let people know about, how they are feeling and what they want to share.


WhatsApp creators always focused on making the communication easier but never thought about the scenarios where a person might require emergency help. No one could type a significant text to someone asking for help after a bike accident or being kidnapped.

WhatsApp should offer an emergency contact list and a pre-written emergency text with a live location finder. This is when you need it, you can press a button on your desktop provided by the application as a widget, and the information will be transferred to your emergency contacts.


Businessmen, School teachers, Creative industry workers using WhatsApp as their only mode of communication could require a feature like “WhatsApp Cloud”. This will work exactly like any other cloud storage application, for Example -If WhatsApp makes its Cloud (Drive), that will help people to transfer tons of GBs of Data with one link that would be called as WhatsApp link. This will help them save the conversion rate that they give to Google Drive.

Sending multiple large media files could be exhausting and challenging, WhatsApp cloud could make it easier just by letting the user upload the data on the cloud and sharing it by using only a single web link. It could be protected using a passcode to unlock the cloud access.

A user-friendly messaging application like WhatsApp is essential in today’s digital economy and the areas where it can improvise to help people connect in this global developing urban society.

This will help to improve this application furthermore.


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