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7 Ways To Make Money Online in 2020


Ways To Make Money Online

Earning money online is like a dream comes true for many of us. We think making money is only associated with traditional ways.

But do you know that there are more than 100 ways to make money online? Yes, it’s true! And there are people who are earning money in dollars with just a laptop and an internet connection by just sitting at home.

Internet and technology have taken a huge part of our lives. We are developing with them. So, are you ready to turn your goal into profit? Here you go!

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Ways to Make Money Online:

So, here are the 7 best ways to make money online,

1. Google Adsense:

You might have seen there are ads places everywhere when you visit any websites. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money online by placing ads on your website or blog.

The setup process of Google Adsense is very easy. If you have a blog or a website of your own then you can sign up on the asence account for free. Then google will provide you a unique code to paste it on your website. Later, Google will track your website traffic, page views, earnings, etc.

The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to pay any maintenance fee to google to get things going. Instead, they will pay you money for placing ads on your website.

2. Online Courses:

If you are interested and have the skills to teach people online, then you can start your small business to teach people online.

You can set up an online course, and find courses that teach anything from cooking to solving question of board exams or any competitive exams.

The best way you can grasp people to your online course is Youtube. And also there are several websites where you can sell your online course and study materials to make money online.

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3. Freelancing:

Freelancing is the most popular way to make money online. There are a huge number of websites offering freelance tasks to people with various skills.

So, to work as a freelancer you need to create an account and choose those tasks from the listings that are suitable for you. But remember that you will only get paid once you complete the task provided by them. Even sometimes you need to set up a PayPal account as many clients prefer making payments through it.

There are many websites that provide freelancing jobs such as,, and many more.

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4. Affiliate Marketing:

If you have a website then you can easily opt for affiliate marketing. It is like creating a partnership with business and brand within the content of your site.

You can promote Amazon products to make money online. First, you have to sign up on the Amazon Affiliate Account then you will get a unique code after signup. Through these unique affiliate links you can promote any products on your website.

You get commissions when people visit your website and buy any products through your link.

5. Become a Social Media Manager:

Prominent figures and large organizations have multiple social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to connect with their fans or clients. Those accounts have a huge number of followers. And receives thousands of messages and followers daily.

Therefore, it’s very difficult for them to manage multiple accounts on their busy routine. So, these prominent figures and organizations hire social media managers to manage their accounts and they pay them online.

In addition, there are various other opportunities for social media managers if you google it.

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6. Content Writer:

Big organizations and online businesses are always in need of good content writers. They need content almost every day to make their websites up to date.

So they hire content writers online to write good content for their websites and blogs. And in return, they pay them in dollars! Therefore, if you are interested to write contents and sell them online then, it is the best way to make money online through your writing skills.

7. Youtube Partner Program:

I agree that establishing a successful youtube channel requires a lot of handwork, time and dedication. But once you are successful in it then you are ready to go!

You can establish your youtube channel on any niche such as cooking, teaching, travel vlog, motivational channel, etc. There are varieties of options available for you to make money online.

You are eligible for the Youtube Partner Program once you complete ten thousand views.


What can be more amazing by working on a laptop and making money online in dollars by just sitting at home!

Now it’s the time to turn your passion into profit through your online business. The above listed are the best ways to earn money online and you must try it!

Author’s bio:

Ariana Smith is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world through blogging. Ariana smith is associated with Follow The FashionFinance team.

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