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7 Genius Tactics For Repurposing Content Using Trending Features On Instagram



In the world of Instagram, content is king, and staying up-to-date with the latest features is crucial for success. As a business or influencer, it is essential to constantly engage with your followers and keep your content fresh and relevant. With the ever-evolving platform, it can be challenging to keep up, but fear not!

In this blog, we will share 7 genius tactics for repurposing content on Instagram using trending features. By utilizing these tactics, you can not only save time and effort but also create an impression of popularity on Instagram. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can repurpose your content using the trending features on Instagram.

7 Tactics For Repurposing Instagram Content

1. Utilizing Instagram Stories To Repurpose Content

Instagram Stories has become a popular feature for businesses and influencers to engage with their followers and repurpose their content. Through polls, quizzes, and interactive stickers, businesses can repurpose existing content in a fun and interactive way. This not only keeps their content fresh and relevant but also encourages audience participation and increases reach.

For example, a fashion brand can repurpose a blog post about summer fashion trends into an Instagram Story using the poll feature to ask their followers which trend they are most excited about. This not only repurposes their content in a new format but also allows them to gather valuable insights about their followers’ preferences.

Additionally, with the option to add links in Stories, businesses can drive traffic to their website or other social media platforms. The temporary nature of Stories also creates a sense of urgency for followers to engage with the content before it disappears.

Overall, utilizing Instagram Stories for repurposing content is an effective tactic for increasing engagement and staying relevant on the platform.

2. Repurposing Content With Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has quickly become a popular and powerful feature for businesses and influencers. With its short-form video format and creative tools, Reels offers a unique opportunity to repurpose existing content and gain the highest possible engagement rate on Instagram.

Creating Entertaining And Informative Content:

One of the main advantages of Instagram Reels is its ability to captivate and entertain its viewers. This feature offers a variety of creative tools, including audio, filters, and effects, to enhance your video content. Additionally, Reels allows you to add text overlays, making it a great way to repurpose existing content, such as tutorials, product demos, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Tips For Repurposing Content Into Reels:

Here are some tips for repurposing your existing content into Instagram Reels:

1. Use Trending Sounds:

Just like TikTok, Reels has a library of trending songs and sounds that you can use in your videos. This can add an element of familiarity and relatability to your content, making it more engaging for your audience.

2. Incorporate Text Overlays:

As mentioned earlier, Reels allows you to add text overlays to your videos. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight key points, add captions, or creatively showcase your branding.

3. Use Multi-Video Feature:

Reels allow you to create a series of videos in one Reel. This feature is excellent for repurposing longer content or creating a storyline. You can also use this feature to showcase different products or services in one video.

4. Collaborate with Others:

Collaborating with other businesses or influencers is a great way to reach a wider audience and repurpose your content. You can collaborate by creating a duet or featuring each other’s content in your Reels.

5. Utilize Hashtags:

Like regular Instagram posts, using relevant hashtags in your Reels can increase its discoverability and reach. Make sure to research and use popular and trending hashtags in your niche to obtain Reels likes to achieve Instagram stardom.

6. Be Creative:

offers a variety of creative tools, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Get creative with transitions, effects, and filters to make your content stand out and engage your audience.

With its algorithm designed to promote content to a broader audience, Instagram Reels is an excellent tool for businesses and creators to repurpose their content and reach new followers. By incorporating trending sounds, text overlays, and collaborating with others, you can create entertaining and informative Reels that will keep your audience engaged and boost your reach.

3. Leveraging Hashtags For Repurposing Content

Using relevant and trending hashtags is crucial for repurposing content on Instagram. Hashtags can increase the discoverability of your content and help reach a wider audience. When choosing hashtags, ensure they are relevant to your content and niche. Look for trending hashtags or create your own branded hashtags to stand out.


To repurpose content using hashtags, try creating a hashtag campaign or challenge encouraging users to engage with your content. You can also use hashtags to categorize your repurposed content and make it easier for users to find. Monitor and engage with other posts using your chosen hashtags to immediately raise your Instagram content’s engagement. By leveraging hashtags, you can effectively repurpose your content and reach a larger audience on Instagram.

4. Repurposing Content With Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides is a powerful tool for repurposing content on the platform. This feature allows businesses and creators to organize their content in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest manner. Guides can also be used to repurpose existing content and showcase expertise in a particular niche. For instance, a fashion brand can create a guide featuring their top 10 summer outfits, using images and captions from their previous posts.

This not only repurposes existing content but also presents it in a new and engaging way for followers. Guides also have a shareable link, making it easier to promote the repurposed content on other platforms. By utilizing this feature, businesses can increase their credibility, engagement, and reach on Instagram.

5. Reusing Content Across Multiple Posts

Repurposing content on Instagram doesn’t always have to mean creating completely new content. In fact, “chunking” existing content into multiple posts can be an effective way to keep your feed fresh and engaging. Utilize Instagram’s carousel and multi-image post features to break up longer pieces of content, such as blog posts or infographics, into bite-sized posts. This not only allows you to repurpose existing content but also encourages followers to engage with multiple posts in a series, increasing overall engagement.

Make sure to use visually appealing images and graphics, as well as catchy captions, to keep followers scrolling through all of your posts. By reusing content across multiple posts, you can save time and effort while still keeping your content relevant and engaging.

6. Repurposing User-Generated Content (Ugc) On Instagram

Using UGC is a great way to repurpose content on Instagram and engage with your audience. It not only saves time and effort in creating new content, but it also adds a personal touch and builds trust with your followers. To repurpose UGC, you can repost content from your followers or feature them in your Stories or Reels.

Repurposing User-Generated Content (Ugc) On Instagram

UGC can also be repurposed in ways that are more creative and interactive. For example, businesses can hold a UGC contest or challenge to encourage their followers to create and share content related to their brand. This not only generates more UGC for businesses to repurpose, but it also increases engagement and creates a sense of community among their followers.

Another effective way to repurpose UGC is by using it in advertisements or sponsored posts. This adds authenticity to the promotion and can grab the attention of potential customers who are more likely to trust content created by fellow users rather than businesses themselves.

It is essential always to give proper credit to the original creator when repurposing UGC. By repurposing UGC, you can enable a sense of authenticity on Instagram and build credibility of your brand.

7. Creating Carousel Posts For Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content With Instagram Reels

Instagram’s Carousel feature allows users to share multiple images or videos in one post, making it a perfect tool for repurposing content. By using Carousel posts, businesses can showcase their creativity and share more information with their audience in a visually appealing way.

Businesses can repurpose their existing content, such as blog posts or infographics, by breaking them down into smaller chunks and presenting them in a series of images or videos to create a Carousel post. This can be done using trending features on Instagram, such as adding text overlays, interactive stickers, or incorporating trending hashtags.

By repurposing content into Carousel posts, businesses can increase the engagement and reach of their posts, as users can swipe through the different images or videos, keeping them interested and informed. It also allows for more room to showcase products or services and for businesses to tell a complete story or share a step-by-step tutorial.

Carousel posts are a valuable tool for repurposing content on Instagram. By utilizing this feature, businesses can create visually appealing and informative posts, increase engagement with their audience, and reach a wider audience. Experiment and get creative with Carousel posts to differentiate yourself from Instagram competitors.


In conclusion, repurposing content using trending features on Instagram is a powerful strategy for businesses and influencers to stay relevant and engage with their audience. By utilizing features such as Instagram Stories, Reels, Guides, and hashtags, businesses can increase their reach and visibility while showcasing their expertise and creativity. “Chunking” content into multiple posts and repurposing user-generated content are effective tactics for creating engaging and authentic content on Instagram.

Additionally, creating visually appealing Carousel posts is a great way to repurpose existing content. As the world of social media is constantly evolving, businesses need to stay up-to-date with Instagram’s trending features and experiment with different tactics to keep their content fresh and engaging. With these 7 genius tactics, businesses can maximize their presence on Instagram and connect with their audience meaningfully.

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