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7 credit card management apps to stay on top of the payments


We all know that managing personal finance is the most challenging task for any individual. Personal financing in simple terms refers to money management which is very dynamic and needs to get updated from time to time.

There are numerous credit card management applications that are now available in the industry that can assist you with getting clearness on your credit use. These apps not only provide you the details of your credit card usage but also let you know the spending pattern you are following. Here we are discussing some top-notch credit card management apps that are worth considering if you want complete detail of your Indian credit cards or any other. These applications can help you with various aspects like budgeting, paying bills, reducing spending, following the card rewards and rebates, and observing card benefits.

Mint Manager

Mint is on the top of the list of credit management apps due to its enormous amazing highlights that can make the whole management process on board and simple. If you are looking for an app that gives you every minute detail of your card and general funds, then mint can be the most ideal choice for you. It also works as an alarm that reminds you to pay-off your installments on time. Some of the features of the app are:

  • It is extremely easy and simple to set up the application and associates with all of the money related institutions of the United States.
  • The app keeps you updated and consequently refreshes and sorts your data. It gives you a true and fair view of your bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement accounts, and more.
  • Mint additionally assists you with discovering reserve funds by letting you know about the offers regarding savings, brokerage, CD, and IRA rollover offers.


The setting up of the Mint manager is time-consuming as it takes time to get started. Moreover, if you are a beginner and don’t know much about the financial apps, then it might consume your time.


Prism is yet another stunning application for credit card management with phenomenal reviews. It is perfectly suitable for individuals who need assistance in monitoring what they owe and when. You just need to sign up to get started with the app. it prepares a schedule for you and takes care of tabs and lets you make installments that are lined up. It assembles all your incomes and expenses that include payments with banks and credit institutions, telephone services, cable operators, insurance providers, mortgage lenders, and all other bills. Some of the highlights of the app are:

  • It is free of cost to use and makes you pay off your installments by using it.
  • It is completely secure and doesn’t spill your personal information.
  • It is extremely easy to sync the bank account with this application and also has n option to update the billing account.


There is no auto-pay option present in the app and thus entire setting up of payment has to be done manually by the user.

 Credit Karma

Credit Karma is an application that makes you aware of your Credit score i.e. assessment of your record along with suggesting you tips to increase your CIBIL score. This app assists you with seeing how your ongoing activities and spending pattern influence your financial assessment and the report that it prepares is known as Credit Karma report card. The application tracks the credit rating from two fundamental credit agencies which are Equifax and TransUnion. Features of the app are:

  • It monitors your financial assessment and your credit report and keeps it well updated consistently.
  • It additionally offers assistance that separates each factor present in your financial statements.


It doesn’t use the FICO score and thus cannot access actual and genuine credit reports.


Experian is one of the principal credit department and they additionally have their free application. The credit assessment of the app is used by most of the credit observing application. The Experian application will screen changes in your credit profile and also advises you how your credit performance changes. It also gives an option to its user to turn on the notification to get notified on their phones at whatever point changes are made in their credit systems. Some features of the app are:

  • It gives you a new credit card report every 30 days hence keeps you up-to-date.
  • It summaries your financial statements and thus made assessment easy.
  • You will get alerts if any key changes are made in your credit activity.


It doesn’t have all the banks listed and thus makes inconvenience for the people.

Debt Payoff assistant

This application is yet another best application that enables you to reimburse your debts from small to high. You can make an arrangement to pay off your obligations according to your choice for instance; you can keep the highest balance debts first i.e. in decreasing order. The app is adaptable and will assist you with the follow up of your results and show you the advancement.

Some of the features of the app are:

  • It mainly focuses on the debt snowball method which means you can target the highest balances first.
  • It lets you include innumerable debts such as credit cards, student loans, auto loans, bank loans, etc.
  • It additionally lets you track your extra payments if due any.


The app is not capable of extracting your information directly from the leasers and needs to be manually entered by the user.

 Award Wallet

Award wallet is a credit management app that makes you well known about the card rewards that you can avail in one spot such as Citi Thank You Points, American Express membership rewards, and chase ultimate rewards. Some features are:

  • It tells you when your rewards are lapsing so that you can avail them before the expiry.
  • It allows you to link all your reward accounts and notify you regarding all your rewards balance charges.


Some of the loyalty programs are not present in the app ex, United’s.


Sift is quite a different application and offers you to monitor your credit card benefits. It makes you aware of the concealed advantages that your card offers to you. Forex, value insurance, warranties, travel securities, etc. Highlights of sift are:

  • It connects the app with your email account so that it can filter through your advanced receipts and can alert you about the securities available.
  • It makes you know about the card offers given by suppliers including Amazon, Target, and Macy.


It expects access to your email account which could make few individuals not feel comfortable sharing.

So these are the 7 credit card management apps to stay on top of the payments.

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Aayushi Singhal

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Aayushi Singhal is an experienced freelance content writer having deep understanding and knowledge regarding financial content. She has completed her bachelor degree in commerce and looking forward to pursue her career in finance. She has a lot of interests in delivering content about the latest tech tips, tricks and applications that make the work easier for people.


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