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Being an entrepreneur or a higher-up in a company is a tough position to be in. You have to be always on the lookout for whatever is going on in the office. It’s not even a question of being a scary, prying boss, but having a spy camera at the office ensures that the safety of your employees and your company is an utmost priority.

Benefits of Using the Right Hidden Camera for Your Office

Firstly, it’s essential for establishments like commercial banks, credit unions, loan associations, or insurance companies to have a spy camera because these industries deal with monetary transactions daily.

Secondly, retail stores will also find considerable advantage in a hidden camera. Stores that sell highly valuable products like gadgets, jewelry, computers, or appliances should have a spy camera to monitor their employees from stealing.

Last but not least, a hidden camera will be your evidence whenever discrepancies in financial institutions arise, or crimes like burglaries or murders happen.

All in all, a hidden camera is a must-have in any business. Here are the top five tips you should consider when choosing the right hidden camera.

1. Opt for motion detection.

Hidden cameras usually play in the background with or without people in the office. However, this can eat up space in your memory or consume battery, especially if it’s a rechargeable camera. If you only care to record whenever there are people at the office, opt for a motion detection feature so you can set it to ‘recording mode’ when there is movement.

2. Go for Wi-Fi-connectivity features.

This is the digital age, and every move we make goes through a Wi-Fi connection. For instance, the Internet of Things (IoT) has integrated connectivity to daily mundane things like a vacuum cleaner, a virtual assistant, or a smartwatch.

A hidden camera that has an easy Wi-Fi viewing and control will help you see and listen to your entire office even when you’re on the other side of the world. Some types of spy equipment come with a free app or software you can download from your phone or desktop.

3. Choose high-resolution cameras.

A hidden camera should have high-quality video footage, or else it’s going to be no good. Go for cameras with at least 1080p HD videos, so videos and audios are clear and audible.

4. Pick cameras with night vision capabilities.

Most unusual activities happen at night at the office, so choose hidden cameras equipped with night vision capabilities. Some have a smart IR or built-in IR LEDs that are guaranteed to offer a vast range from 20 feet or more in complete darkness. The wide-angle viewing is also vital to capture most of the office floor. A 120-degree viewing angle is advisable to get a maximum watch.

5. Versatility

It’s a given fact that spy cameras should be small to stay inconspicuous. However, you have to take into consideration if you want a rechargeable or power-oriented camera. The benefit of a rechargeable camera is you can move it from one place to another while an adapter-powered camera should be rigidly installed. Nonetheless, the latter also prevents the hassle of charging and recharging, giving you peace of mind that your spy equipment is working all the time.

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