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5 Things You Must Try On Your Visit To Dubai


Dubai is a perfect blend of old-world culture and awe-inspiring attractions. Apart from being home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai attracts a large number of visitors with its personalized, luxurious malls, elite seven-star hotels, and, most importantly, the adventurous activities that this city has to offer. Dubai is well-known for its wealth, technical breakthroughs, magnificent lifestyles, and architecture, all while being steeped in culture and traditions.

With a delicate and precise balance of the old and new, this city offers a variety of experiences ranging from the serenity of the deserts to the hustle and bustle of the souks. Also known as the ‘City of Gold’, Dubai is not all about its luxurious malls and seven-star glam. There are both local and more cultural sides to this city. Feel the gush of adrenaline glue jumping out of a plane and calm while watching the city’s dramatic fountains that gush 500 feet into the air. Some of the most bizarre adventures take place here. Here is our pick of the top five things that you should not miss in Dubai.

Helicopter tour of Dubai

Experience the thrill of a private helicopter ride where you not only see the sight but also find yourself floating inside it. An experienced team of professionals, well-trained pilots, and a skilled crew will ensure you a secure, affordable, and unforgettable helicopter ride. Tear away the boredom from traffic and hop on a private charter and witness some of the scenic highlights of Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building worldwide. The helicopter tour Dubai proves to be a perfect mix of adventure, sightseeing, and a little pinch of luxury. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of Burj al Arab, the palm islands, Dubai marina, the azure waters of the Persian Gulf, enormous dunes, and a lot more.

Sky View Dubai observation deck

Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you stand and witness the wonders of Dubai at a staggering altitude of 219.5 m, which is where the tower’s main pod is located and encircled by a full-circle hands-free walk on a ledge, the highest in the city. For an ultimate experience, thrill-seekers are lent out over the edge to witness the architectural marvels of Dubai. A glass-cased elevator lifts you to the 52nd level of this colossal hotel, where you experience an element of joy and peace along with plenty of adrenaline gushing through your veins.

Desert Safari

A premium desert safari just might be the best excursion of your entire life. Enjoy the tranquility of the desert safari Dubai in privacy and leisure. A quintessential Arabian experience with a touch of luxury that you should not miss comes with exclusive inclusions and an excursion tailor-made according to your preferences. Relax in a Bedouin-style, fully furnished tent amidst the unparalleled desert. Experience luxury and entertainment submerged in the Arabian culture and traditions. Activities such as shisha smoking and henna tattooing are common in their tradition. Enjoy the BBQ dining while watching Tanura and the belly dancing show with the utmost privacy and flexibility.

Ain Dubai

The highest and the largest observation wheel in the world, staged at a glorious height of over 250 meters, is one of the city’s newest attractions. Ain Dubai offers a premium experience of private dining in one of its air-conditioned and fully enclosed cabins. The cabins are precisely built to comfortably accommodate your small party, making it a great venue for a memorable dining experience. Enjoy your delightful meal cooked by some of the greatest chefs in the world while floating in mid-air and witnessing the beautiful sights of Dubai’s skyline. You can look for Ain Dubai tickets online to get amazing discounts.

Afternoon tea at the hotel’s sky view bar

A grand dining experience is not difficult to come by in Dubai, which is home to some of the finest restaurants and skilled culinary artists. The Sky View Bar, an elegant and tastefully done restaurant offering the awe-inspiring sights of the Jumeirah area, is located on the 27th floor of one of the finest hotels in Dubai, the Burj al Arab. A perfect restaurant with intricately designed interiors is best suited for any occasion on your list. Taste the delight of some of the best possible combinations of some of the most exotic flavors that make up the most delightful teas, coffees, sandwiches, and much more.


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