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5 Of the World’s Enormous Technology Trends 2020 Is Going to Witness


Evolution – A Fixed Constant in an Ever-changing World

Change is constant. Many things have changed over the years, including people’s lifestyles, perceptions, and the most essential- technology. Usually, technology trends fade out over time with the evolving world, but specific technology trends make their presence felt in the market for a prolonged period.

Evolution – A Fixed Constant in an Ever-changing World

It was a norm in the year 2019, to reinvest in technology, where IT companies around the world spent approximately $3.9 trillion. For the implementation of technology in the business, investments are flowing in from all directions. It is the correct time to leverage your business with technology potential.

To know which technology is trending currently and which ones you should consider for your business, here are some of the latest 2020 technologies you must find for your business.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is accessible from the past many years, and it will remain trending for the upcoming years as well. Computers have grown in understanding real-life situations like humans.

AI software market value in the year 2018 was $10.1bn and is expected to grow about $12.4 bn until the year 2020.

Currently, platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google has explored the potential of AI in different ways. It is estimated that 84% of businesses will enable AI in the year 2020 to reach or sustain a competitive advantage.

2. 5g data networks

The year 2020 will witness the benefits of fast internet and connections along with other perks. According to a report, by the year 2021, the 5G connection numbers are forecasted to reach up to 20 million and 100 million, and the spending for the same will be around $2.3bn.

It will bring along with it benefits like high capacities, fast internet speed, low latency, and instant connections into reality. It will also help autonomous vehicles along with wireless VR that will boost the impact of technology in the market.

3. Blockchain technology

The speed of blockchain evolution indicates the bright future in the upcoming year, especially 2020. There are new advancements and elements added to the technology to make it broader for people.

Statistics show that global spending on blockchain solutions can grow from 1.5bn in 2018 to approximately 15.9bn by 2023. Along with blockchain, cryptocurrencies will also find a broader aspect of people’s lives.

The year 2020 will also witness the launch of Facebook’s blockchain-based crypto Libra, which will create quite a stir.

4. Voice interaction

Voice technology is slowly and steadily taking over most of the traditional ways of doing things. Google says more than 20% of all searches are voice, while 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020. These statistics prove that it is a trend we cannot ignore in business.

The power of voice is already introduced to us by Alexa and Siri devices to conduct our day-to-day activities.

Voice-based applications are sure to trend in the year 2020. For a significant impact in upcoming years, voice-based requests are combined with AI, natural language processing, and application.

5. Internet of things (IoT)

Every day the number of devices connecting to the internet is increasing. By the year 2022, over 29 billion devices will be connected to the internet, out of which 18 billion would be IoT devices.

In the upcoming years. IoT will witness a widespread application to boost agriculture, retail, and more. It is the best time to invest in IoT to push sales.


So, these were some of the technology trends of 2020. Each technology mentioned works on increasing revenue goals and boost customer and employee satisfaction.

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