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When To Use Auto vs. Manual Focus When Filming


When To Use Auto vs. Manual Focus When Filming

Cameras are multifaceted pieces of technology. They have multiple abilities, from filter settings to different capture modes that enhance and shape photography and film. One of the most important camera features available is the ability to switch between auto and manual focus. Both focus settings offer many benefits that influence how you film and the final results you create. Learn when to use auto vs. manual focus when filming and maximize your camera’s ability to best meet your needs.

Using Autofocus (AF)

Autofocus (AF) is an optical system that uses automated sensors to discern and control what subjects your camera sharpens. Despite operating on an automated system, AF still gives you some say and input capabilities. You can change the sensor range, altering the area span you want your camera to focus on subjects. For instance, improperly setting the AF focal range on your PTZ camera is one of the many things that can affect autofocus, making your involvement still essential. However, your camera does the pointing and sharpening on its own.

Scenes With Quick Movements

AF is much faster at detecting and sharpening subjects than you manually twisting and fidgeting the lense. Dynamic, unpredictable, fast-paced scenes with lots of action require quick responses. AF can keep up with changing movements and subjects, quickly focusing on anything within its focal range. Using AF over manual operations on scenes with quick movements guarantees better and clearer footage capture of the front-of-camera action.

Solo Shooting

A one-person production is a lot easier to carry out with an extra helping hand from technology. AF settings allow your camera to take over the role of the camera operator. The AF sensors control the camera and shoot, and you can focus on being in front of the lens. Using AF on solo shoots streamlines the one-person production gig and recreates the feel and success of a multi-person film crew.

Using Manual Focus (MF)

Manual focus (MF) involves the camera user adjusting focus by hand—rotating lenses and changing the light concentration passing through. MF gives you, the user, greater leverage over your shoots. You get creative control and can dictate specific visions.

Creative Control

Making any executive decision on set expands your creative control. MF allows you to choose what subjects you want to focus on, when to change focal points, and the sharpness degree. Compared with AF, MF gives you full control.

Specific Focus Shots

Whether you want to keep focus on the background—not the subjects—or direct attention to a flower’s petals rather than the whole plant, MF is the perfect setting. MF allows you to make your camera focus as specific as possible, giving you the ability to select interest points on very minute details.

Knowing when to use auto vs. manual focus when filming enhances your use of one of the greatest technology in the world—cameras. No matter what you intend to film, using the right focus settings on your shoot can make or break the quality and final outcome of your recording.


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