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What to Include in a Yearly Website Maintenance Checklist


For websites to perform well, it is important that you are taking care of them and making the necessary changes and updates whenever required. Many website owners opt for website maintenance activities to keep their websites updated and improved.

Many find it best to maintain their websites regularly, while some prefer doing it once a year. It is difficult to say when is the right time to maintain your website, but it is important to know that these updates are important. There are certain tasks you cannot perform regularly, and they are important to perform in a year. That is why you must know what changes are necessary to make to your website in a year or more.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the essentials of a yearly website maintenance checklist to increase your website’s performance and ranking.

Top 6 Factors to Include in Your Yearly Website Maintenance Checklist

You must conduct the maintenance of your website, but for that, you must know the right time to conduct it. There are certain changes that are compulsory to make daily or weekly to your websites. But there are certain tasks that are best to perform in a year and not before that.

Following are some of the important tasks that are a must to add to your yearly website maintenance checklist.

1.     Review for content accuracy and grammar

Although, it is important to check your content weekly and monthly to make sure there are no mistakes in the content. But it is also important to check the content even during the yearly maintenance tasks, as content is the backbone of website ranking. You must check your content has no grammatical errors, and no false information is given. Many people hire experts to keep this check on their website and improve the content.

2.     Update any reference to the current year

You may provide references for any content or any other item on your website, and these references are important to mention. When you are conducting yearly maintenance activities on your website, you must not forget to update the reference to the current year. This way, the reader or the website visitor will feel they are not visiting a website that they have visited several times in the past. It will give them a sense that they are viewing something new and updated.

3.     Check any active email addresses

On your website, you might have shared your contact details, such as the number and email on the contact us page or at the footer of each web page. These are the two sources using which your web users can contact you for further queries and investigation. One of the most important yearly maintenance checklists is to make sure these email and contact details are active and the user is not misled with inactive emails.

4.     Ensure that your website domain name is renewed

It is very important for your website to stay active and available for the users, but it is impossible to stay active if you do not renew the domain name. It is one of the mandatory website maintenance tasks that you are renewing your domain name to be available. It is usually the responsibility of the domain name provider to remind you about renewing your domain name. But it is also the responsibility of the maintenance team to consider renewing it once a year.

5.     Consider whether a website design update is due

With the change in time, the design consideration and concerns for a website also change; it is very important to keep your website designs updated. It is because one of the most appealing factors for your web users is the website design. If you did not update the design in your monthly or quarterly maintenance tasks, you must do it in the yearly check. You must keep your website updated to the latest designs so that the users do not feel annoyed using old-school designs.

6.     Review all of your top-performing blog articles

Your blogs and articles are one of the most important website ranking factors, and you must not neglect them when maintaining your websites. One of the yearly activities to conduct on these blogs and articles is to update the content. You must make necessary changes and updates to your top-performing blogs and articles where required. But make sure you aren’t making any unnecessary updates that could decrease the readability of the blogs. You can hire website maintenance services in Dubai to make wise and healthy updates to your websites to improve their ranking and performance.

Are you maintaining your websites?

If you want your website to do well and aim to increase website traffic, then you need to make sure your websites are worth using. The only way to do it is by maintaining your websites regularly, weekly, quarterly, and yearly. It is better to hire website expert services to execute the deed perfectly.

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