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What To Double-Check Before Live Streaming


A successful live stream is only possible with reliable equipment and an efficient setup. Streaming yourself to a live audience requires a smooth operation of your devices, content, and the software connecting you to your viewers. Whether you’re learning how to stream from home or gearing up for an interactive presentation, knowing what to double-check before live streaming helps ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Your Equipment Setup

The equipment setup you have determines the quality and efficiency of your live stream. If a component of your setup fails, it has the potential to compromise your entire live stream and stunt your brand growth. Reduce the risk of technical errors by checking the charge on all your equipment and troubleshooting camera issues beforehand to avoid glitches in your equipment mid-streaming. Always test your audio for echo and microphone feedback. It’s also smart to invest in backup equipment in case any devices fail mid-stream.

Your Content Materials

Whether you’re live streaming yourself gaming or connecting with your audience on Instagram, it’s necessary to look over any materials you’ll utilize and focus on during your live stream. If you have pre-recorded content or visual elements to supplement your stream, prepare them for showcasing ahead of time and make sure you’re ready to present them as intended during your stream. Fumbling around for products or tools is as uncomfortable for the viewer as it is for the streamer, so it’s crucial to remain repaired!

Compiling a playlist for background effects and music is also essential to save your stream from experiencing awkward silences. A pre-made “be right back” graphic is perfect if you need to step away from your stream for a moment.

Your Internet Connection

The content you prepare and the equipment you use to stream can’t come together without the power of your internet. Streaming a live event is a time-sensitive practice, which means a minor loss of speed or connection can jeopardize the quality of your content. The bandwidth is likely to fluctuate if you’re operating on Wi-Fi or mobile internet, so one crucial thing to double-check before live streaming is the speed of your internet connection.

Live streaming has the potential to develop your brand and target a wider audience on a more personal level. While setting up a live stream is simple, troubleshooting technical issues can complicate this process for even the most experienced content creator. Always double-check the components of your live stream setup to guarantee the utmost quality for the viewers joining you.


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