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What is Nolo in real estate?


Nolo or Nolo Press is serving do-it-yourself legal software and books. The main focus of those contents is immigration, family law, tenant and landlord problems, trusts and intellectual property, wills, employment law. Ralph Warner and Ed Sherman both founded this company with the motto “Law for All”. 

The Nolo recommends getting professional legal help for disputed matters. It encourages small business owners to handle their own legal affairs whenever it’s possible to do so. Nolo offers all the help at an affordable price. Either you want a local Lawyer’s help or help in your business. 

A need for help in legal form or a book/ an eBook for insights into legal topics. This software has everything for you in real estate as well. Just take a look at what Nolo is before proceeding with how it’s gonna help you.

An Introduction To Nolo- What Is Nolo In Real Estate?

Nolo started working in 1971 at Berkeley, California. It was founded by two attorneys with the goal to make legal information accessible to everyone. It is a legal website containing some of the first legal sites on the internet (i.e.,, and 

Nolo provides reach to legal forms, books, ebooks. Using its Quicken willmaker & trust you can plan your estates without taking the help of an attorney also it saves your attorney fees.

Nolo’s websites contain content written by legal authors. It has answers to all your questions like Are you ready to buy your first house? Pros and Cons of Ownership. Should you need to hire a lawyer or real estate agent to buy your house? And much more. 

How will Nolo help you in your business?

Nolo will help you in your business in various ways.

  • In real estate, Nolo can help you at every stage. All issues related to property ownership can be solved through Nolo books and guidance. Whether you want to buy a house or have neighbor disputes, Want to sell a house, or deal with ownership issues. Nolo has answers to all your problems.
  • The content writers of Nolo are experts in their fields. They know how to get out of a bad deal, what languages should be used while dealing. They provide detailed information on various issues like insurance, financing, negotiating, and much more during sales and purchases. 

Pricing Structure Of Nolo Willmaker 

  • Books/eBooks:

There are various books and ebooks to guide you throughout the various processes.

How to Buy a home in California book available for $24.49

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy available for $27.99

Credit Repair: The book creates a budget for you and helps you clean up your budget for just $17.49.

The famous books on Neighbor Law Everybody’ Guide to Small Claims Court & Everybody’s  Guide to Small Claims Court in California are available at $20.99 each.

  • eForms

Home Repairs Forms i.e. Release for Damage to Real Estate & Home Repair Agreement start at $17.99 & $14.99 respectively.

The most famous Family Financial Statement eForm starts from $11.99 which lets you know how much house you can afford.

  • Quitclaim Deed

If you want to transfer your property or want to change the way owners hold title to the property or more. Then this is the best and most simple legal form.

  1. You can buy the Nolo’s Estate Planning bundle comprising various ebooks, eforms, and other things at just $79.99.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Nolo?

Check out these pros and cons of Nolo before using this software.

Merits of Nolo 

First, now look at the pros of Nolo willmaker 

Articles are written by Professionals

The main reason why Nolo is preferable is their richest collection of legal information articles. As most of the articles are authored by Legal professionals like Lawyers, they are easily understandable and have bit-by-bit particulars related to various tasks. They provide an overview of legal topics. It’s like an Encyclopedia specific to a particular piece of work.

Want to use the same form multiple times

If a particular form is more useful to you than others, then Nolo provides a great deal on it. You can save your money or spend the same amount on the same eforms over years. Depending on the form you can spend $30-$44 throughout the year. There you can edit, re-print, and much more multiple times the whole year. 

Offline Legal Support

If you are among them who prefer offline over online,  then Nolo is best for you! As this world is shifted to online access, it’s become hard for offline readers. But wait, Nolo has something for you. It offers many of its legal resources in physical book form. In the range of $25-$40 per book, you can opt for offline legal help.

Nolo’s Demerits

Outsourced Business Formation Services

Nolo has its LLC formation tool, but they haven’t an internal option for starting a corporation or nonprofit. The competitors of Nolo’s have an edge over it. 

They provide business formation services that make it simple for their customers to file formation paperwork for corporations. Nolo outsources corporation filing to even nonprofit to LegalZoom. 

Does Nolo Provide A Good Customer Support To Its Users?

You can get customer support through phone or email provided on the contact page of Nolo’s websites. Phone support is available from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Final Conclusion For What Is Nolo In Real Estate?

After all the reading and research our team found that Nolo is the best & reliable software. It contains all of the solutions to your queries. From books to Legal support there is nothing where Nolo’s competitors win over it. 

There are various feedbacks on the website itself where you will get to know why it is most demandable among users. Nolo is the best self-service platform for all those small business owners and supports seekers. 


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