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What Are the Perks That Come With Using 5G


It’s no mystery that 5G networking has been in the pipeline now for some time. Although most of the world can access the Internet at some point, things are still not exactly concrete from a global standpoint.

Even in the US, connectivity is questionable most of the time, as service providers have failed to generate the broadband communication capability they once promised. When 4G came out, there was a great sigh of relief as things were finally starting to pick up traction, but this was nothing compared to 5G. So, what are the perks that come with using 5G? Let’s find out.


5G internet connections will provide the fastest known transmission speeds yet, with speeds up to 15 to 20 Gbps. That’s so fast that programs and utilities can be accessed instantly from cloud devices without any drag or need to rely on remote applications for downloading and processing. All the computing will be done via the cloud, making for instant transmission across all platforms. This is truly an advancement from 4G and all that came before it.

Device Connection

Another bonus to 5G is that it can make a larger number of device connections, to the point of almost infinite connection under the right conditions. This means that the bandwidth in your connectivity should not be sacrificed, as there will be more connections provided. You won’t even notice how much bandwidth is being used at your business or home!

Lowered Latency

How many times have you missed hitting a hotspot and found yourself in dead areas? Too many to count, I’m sure, but with 5G, you can be sure that you will not have this problem anymore. If you are having an outage, the service interruption will be so short-lived that you won’t even notice.

Network Slicing

This is something completely revolutionary in broadband network servicing. Having the ability to network slice allows us to prioritize certain networks from overload, as others could potentially overuse the service and leave the network frazzled. There will be a constant flow, much like policing traffic, by taking these measures.

There is so much to be excited about with 5G on the horizon. Things that we once had issues with will be a thing of the past, and nearly everyone will have the ability to connect, bringing our world closer together than ever before. These are just some of the perks that come with 5G, but there are sure to be more as time goes on.


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